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Amy Winehouse and Her Boob Spotted Out in Public Together

And how about those crazy implants? Definitely give girlfriend’s figure quite a boost, yeah?

Winehouse and on-again, off-again, jail-again boyfriend-fiance-husband Blake Fielder Civil were spotted out in London’s Soho district last night, tripping the lights fantastic. Or maybe just tripping. Or tweaking.

The couple was visiting a “friend” at a local jazz club, Jazz After Dark, an artist who was “painting pictures” for Amy Winehouse.

It’s totally refreshing to see these two out and about in public, not ashamed of their love for one another, proving all of us haters wrong and staying un-bloodied and moderately sober for an entire night. Good on you, kids. Good. on. you.

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    • No – they look horrible and all mis matched together – DISGUISTING. When will the news break about a proposal acceptance from Prince William? Now, there is a match made in heaven. Nice clean cut Jewish songstress with top notch British heir to the throne. Think of the larks that Amy and prince PC Phillips will share! oh the thought of it titillates me so… as for blakewell well, he needs a filthy young toff to cosy up to himself what is the young lass in harry potter called, or one of the high school musical songbirds – Perfect. My work here is done.