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Heyyy, Guess Who Really, Really Didn’t Want to Die?

photograph of shannon price, gary coleman's ex-wife, at a hearing

You got it. The Gary Coleman who’s dead had signed paperwork stating that he was to take advantage of all of the options that would have prolonged his life, should he have some kind of possible-ex-wife-induced (or, you know, any other kind of) accident. But yet, ex-wife Shannon Price claims that she was “forced” into pulling the plug. Forced, chose to, hey. There’s a fine line somewhere there, right? Ugh.

According to documents secured by TMZ, Gary’s paperwork citing to utilize life-saving measures no matter what the cost dated back to 2006, so it’s not as if it was something new that could have possibly been overlooked or pushed under the rug, far away from the public’s prying eyes.

In continuously fishy news, Shannon Price claims that she didn’t sell her ex-husband’s death photos. Oh, that and I’m a flying unicorn named “Mamie” who shits gold bricks. Just so you know.

Gary’s death is being ruled an “accident,” and in light of this decision, a second autopsy will not be performed. At who’s request, I don’t know, but it’s just not happening. According to Todd Bradford, Shannon’s attorney, Shannon is stoked that Gary can finally “rest”:

“Shannon is relieved that the cremation can go forward and is happy for Gary that he will get his wishes, the one he made clear in all of his wills.”

What a sick, sad situation. Poor Gary. Even in death, these horrible people won’t leave his ass (or assets) alone.

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  • I find it very ironic that the only people who give a shit are the very people Gary resented during most of his life – his fans and the media. Without this kind of coverage, I'd hate to think who else would fall prey to this vile woman.