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Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife Scares Me (And Did She Get Her Teeth Done?)

I don’t know if you all remember when Gary Coleman married his ex-wife Shannon Price, but it was quite the sight. All of a sudden the little dude we knew from TV was marrying some red-headed Mormon with busted teeth. Also, and I’m trying to say this as delicately as possible, she came off retarded. I mean, mentally retarded. As in the actual mental condition. I’m not being snarky, but the slow manner of her speech, her limited vocabulary and strange stares gave off the vibe that she was challenged. And she was marrying Gary Coleman, so that didn’t really help.

Well, now Shannon, who appears to have had her grill fixed along the line, is rolling out (literally, she’s riding around in a wheelchair these days) to take interviews. This one she did with ABC shows Shannon more lucid than ever, surprisingly. Although Shannon and Gary were technically divorced at the time of his death, the two were in the process of a reconciliation and according to Shannon, were planning on remarrying.

Watch the above interview if you have time. I’m interested in hearing what you think about this woman’s character.

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  • This is woman is why I had to move away from Utah. It’s “deal” not “dill” you can’t d-e-a-l. It’s a tragic situation, not a pickle.

  • My 2 choice quotes: “He’s always been my husband, regardless of the divorce” & “I just gotta get my health stuff figgered out”

  • Okay, I heard about these pictures and I thought, “Give her the benefit of the doubt. You know how celebs sometimes get their records spilled all over the internet from some orderly run amok.”

    Forget it. She’s a psycho.

  • I haven’t listened to the 911 call as I feel that it is much too private of a matter to have been distributed, but I believe I read on another website that she told the dispatcher that she was upstairs in bed, heard him fall, and called 911 without wanting to go downstairs to check on him. She says at the beginning of the interview that she heard a crash and went down to him immediately, but the 911 recording, if I am correct, would disprove that outright. This woman seems shifty regardless.

    Has anymore heard the 911 call? Despite my curiosity I will not listen to it myself.

    • yeah, she went downstairs, and on the tape is basically like, ‘there’s so much blood, omg, i can’t deal with all this blood i can’t be here right now’. in my opinion, she sounded almost grossed out, the way you’d react when you see a bunch of blood in a movie or something. it seemed weird, but at the same time, her reaction to seeing him in a pool of blood is one thing i won’t judge her for. i’m not sure how i’d react.

      • i am. if i saw my ex husband whom i’m in the process of reconciling with and getting re-married i would freak out. i would come down the stairs in 2 seconds flat and touch him, see if he is breathing, do something- i heard the recording as well and more than grossed out she just sounded annoyed that she had to get out of bed… i think this women is insensitive and never really loved him, she just used him for his money, even in death. btw go to d listed .com, they are reporting that it WAS her who sold the pics of Coleman in his deathbed…disgusting

  • her affect is so flat, it looks like she’s hiding something. could be anything, but something about her is not right.

  • She’s a dumbass, and guilty of sin of being a useless tit. Gary was a bitter sob, was mad at the world and then some – he probably wasn’t easy to live with, especially since he married this pos and she didn’t put out. She had issues having sex with him, and it created a load of problems. Anyways, I don’t like her prissy attitude, it could be because she is a high functioning retard, or because she’s entitled, whatever the case maybe – she is the one ultimately responsible for his death, and will forever be known for it. The only thing I do know from all this bullcrap – if you want to get away with murder by pushing someone down the stairs – move to Utah!!!

  • I don’t trust her AT ALL. I think there’s way more to Gary’s “fall” than she’s saying, I think she was quick to pull the plug on him, and I think she’s an evil sleazebag for trying to sell photos of his final moments. Dana Plato’s “loving spouse” tried to do the exact same thing after she passed away. Disgusting.

  • That “wierd” thing she does with her mouth is the direct result of cocaine use. I guarantee she was snorting the good shit prior to this interview.

  • This she did with Shannon ABC shows more clearly than ever surprising. Although Shannon and Gary technically divorced at the time of his death, the two were in the process of reconciliation and, according to Shannon, were planning to remarry.
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