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Kelly Kapowski is Ready to Pop

photo of a very pregnant tiffani thiessen on her cell phone walking around a golf course

Tiffani Thiessen, whose pregnancy I mentioned earlier in the week, was finally captured on camera after all of these weeks, showing off her gorgeous baby bump. TMZ got the exclusive photo of Tiffani toddling around a golf course, cell phone in hand, and wearing all black.

She looks fabulous. This is, you know, her eighty-fifth week of pregnancy or something. Ever see a spider egg right before it opens? A big, thick, white pulsating cocoon of eenie-weenie baby spiders just scratching at the chance to get out? That’s what I think of when I look at this picture. That Tiffani Thiessen is going to turn the wrong way and she’s just going to rip and explode with thousands of tiny, adorable, wailing babies, all looking to suckle and feed, and get fashion advice.

Congratulations on the pregnancy, Tiff, and good luck with the delivery! I can’t wait to see the photos of what’s sure to be one of Hollywood’s cutest babies … and who’d think otherwise? Kelly Kapowski used to be the fiercest bitch on the block, ‘til Valerie Malone came along, anyway.

Image courtesy of TMZ

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  • I was way bigger than this before I had my baby. Had anyone referred to me as:

    “A big, thick, white pulsating cocoon of eenie-weenie baby spiders just scratching at the chance to get out?”

    I would have been devastated. This post is the best ever example of a back-handed compliment.

  • Sarah I am all for snarky but you are just mean gurl!
    Why is everything you write so negative and downright cruel to read??

    • are you stupid or is english just not your first language? what about this post was so negative and cruel? it was funny. the spider thing was gross, because i hate spiders, but it was funny regardles .

  • I never understand the “this post is so mean comments” I mean, the site is called EVIL Beet Gossip. What were you expecting?

  • Honestly, if women can’t have a sense of humor about looking like they’re about to pop (yes, just like a spider egg) towards the end of their pregnancies, then I really feel bad for their soon-to-be-birthed children. Being called big when you’re pregnant isn’t really an insult, is it? After all, you’re all swollen because you’re harboring a fetus–honorable work, no? I intend to roll with it and do the truffle shuffle when I get pregnant. That, and eat cookies like it’s my job.

    Also: I love Tiffani Theissen on White Collar. That is all.

  • LOL @ gorgeous baby bump and she looks fabulous. just say what you really think, sarah! she looked like a pregnant duck inside a pregnant chicken inside a pregnant turkey

  • I watch the 90210 re runs and Tiffani was just gorgeous… as a matter of fact, it’s kind of amazing to see that “most” of the girls on 90210 were heathly looking and curvy. Then after the re-run is over and a new show comes on, the contrast of women on TV is just drastic! I think she looks amazing and I’m sure she’ll drop the baby weight because she can. And as far as the spider comment, I thought it was hilarious! I was enormous towards the end of my pregancy and would laugh/cry about it all of the time!!! :o)

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