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Q: Where Does Rihanna Wear Her Umbrella ( … Ella … Ella)? A: On Her Head ( … Ed … Ed).

ARGANDA DEL REY, SPAIN - JUNE 05: Singer Rihanna performs on stage during Rock in Rio Madrid Festival on June 5, 2010 in Arganda del Rey, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Have you seen the latest photos of Rihanna’s new ‘do floating around? I found a link to them, clicked on it, and gasped in horror at what I saw. Not since the 7th grade did I see such a monstrosity of a haircut. Remember back in the day when all of the then-“skater” kids wore a bowl-cut that was shaved on the underside, like, all the way up? And sometimes, they’d dye the top a funky color like green (or, ahem, red) and pull it into a greasy-looking ponytail? Uh-huh. That’s totally what this reminded me of.

What the fuck’s going on in that gorgeous head of yours, Rihanna-girl? I know that it’s pretty hard to eff up perfection, but you’re certainly giving it a pretty good go, huh?

What do you guys think of the lady’s new hairstyle?

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  • The 80’s are coming back…… having lived through the clothes, hair, music and TV I would like to say I wish they’d never come through the first time.

  • omg.. chris brown beat her ass senseless, they shoudl of checked her head better before lettin her hit the streets again. ugh gross

  • Well, after seeing her pierced nipples last year, I lost a lot of interest. This just brings her down the scale another notch or two.

  • That’s a gig in Madrid yesterday, the newspaper chronicle said it was temporary hairdye and that by the end of the gig it was dripping red sweat down her face.

  • Ah. Yeah. Not a fan. NOT a fan. When she first cut her hair short, I really liked it. But then, I feel like it just keeps getting worse as she tries different, even shorter, styles.

  • I’m thinking that the hair line is the target for the axeman. It would put an end to it all.

  • I think it’s awesome and I also think it’s awesome that she obviously doesn’t give a fuck of what some people and their small little minds think.

    Oh yeah and I bet everyone would fucking love it if it was on Lady Gaga.

  • !!!!!!!!!! what the fuck it suppose to be?! do you name her really a celebrity or a stupid bitch!
    even comment about these shits is wasting time, and i DID waste my time

  • I'm such a monstrosity of a haircut. Remember back to the day when all the then "skate" children had a bowl cut, which was shaved on the underside, as all the way up? And sometimes they have a color dye funky green top (or, um, red) and drag it into a ponytail oily appearance? Uh-huh. This is exactly what it reminded me.
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