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One of The Cosby Kids Landed in NYC This Morning

Michael Cera at JFK

Maybe we’ve spoiled him all these years by encouraging him to be a quirky dork, but the clothes Michael Cera rolled out of JFK wearing this morning are beyond all that. Homeboy’s looking like one of the characters from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids with that sloppy knit hat and mismatched brightly colored pants and shirt. Sure, sure, it’s important to be comfortable in-flight but my lord, boy! You’re rich! Pay someone to tell you when you look like a fool or something.

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  • molls you would be blessed if such a fag glanced at you for even a second. i’m sure he dresses better than your dealer. am i right?

      • in the Order of Primates, into the Family of Hominidae, there exists the subfamily of Contemno.
        It still tapers down into the Homo Genus and into the Homo sapiens Species, but the alternate route has allowed for a more prominent and insatiable urge/desire to hate on stupid mother fuckers such as yourself. We are a rather small and distinguished
        group of bastards but our numbers are growing rapidly.

        Would you like to apply for an honorary membership?

  • i have no problem with his choice of clothes other than the fact that he’s dressed for winter when it was 85 degrees in nyc yesterday.

  • He’s just dressing like a NORMAL person. I don’t think he thinks of himself as some special celeb that needs to be wearing designer duds all the time. If I saw someone dressed like that at the airport I would think nothing of it. He’s a normal person wearing normal clothes. Big fucking deal.