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Ronson + Lohan = True Love 4-Eva?

photo of samantha ronson and lindsay lohan during better days

Oh, barf. Like, really. Barf.

If ever there were two people who should stay far, far from one another, it’s Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan. While I dig the two of them on their own (one a bit more than the other, naturally), combining their forces is like sticking a wet finger into a live light socket. Great idea, huh?

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. (And I speak from experience … I’ve done it. We won’t talk about this again.)

At any rate, exclusive insiders at Betty Confidential claim that Sam and Lindsay are definitely back on and it’s all being attributed to Lindsay’s latest stint of sobriety:

… Now that Lindsay has to put down the bottle, Sam is having a change of heart.

“Sam still cares for Lindsay,” says our source, “and now that Lindsay is staying sober, Sam is proud of her and knows they can at least talk without getting into any fights.”

And not only are the two being civil toward one another (no nipple pinching or face-spitting or crotch stabbing), they actually talked for, like, hours the other night:

“They spent the night talking recently – all night long – and they are on their way to mending their broken relationship,” our source says. “It’s going to take more than one night of talking, but it’s a start. As long as Lindsay stays sober and healthy, Sam will be there for her through her sentencing.”

Great. I can just see how this one’s going to pan out. Lohan stays kinda-sober until her probation is up and Ronson (who, in a fit of renewed dedication to her on-again, off-again girlfriend, dyes her hair blonde to match her lady love’s over-processed, lackluster locks) sticks with it — and yes, by “it,” I do mean Lohan — until the very first post-freedom bender occurs. Then the fur’s just gonna fly. Cats within a thirty-mile radius will be running for cover and liquor stores are going to shut their doors, bolt their locks and board their windows. I’m betting that Lindsay and Sam last as long as this court-ordered sobriety does — and that’s not much longer than a fortnight as it were.

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  • Sarah are you writing that post now on Rue Mc Clanahan’s death? Are you scared out of your wits? Season of death continues.

  • A little harsh, no? I like them together, and honestly anything that involves Lindsay Lohan and an attempt at sobriety is better than whatever the hell she’d be up to instead. Less vitriol more snark please.

  • Hopefully “mending the relationship” means getting to the point where they can be friends…or at least not toss drinks on each other whenever they happen to be at the same bar. Somehow I don’t think a relationship-relationship is really the answer for these two.

    I’m glad the court-ordered, SCRAM-enforced sobriety is having a positive effect, though.

  • Um, all selfish, manipulative Lindsay does is lie and cheat and con others for her own benefit, so what good would talking do?

  • The most stable Lindsay was was when she was living with Ronson and seemed reasonably sober. They may have had some crazy fights at the end, but Ronson seemed at least for a while to be the only stabilizing force in Lindsay’s life. The last 6 months Lindsay seemed to have been on a downward spiral. Her crazy twitter meltdowns at Ronson always indicated that she was still hung up on her. So if this is true it doesn’t really surprise me.

  • They are NOT even friends, what are you talking about? SR has been avoiding her all this time. Sam has replied to one of the followers in twitter that the article about them being friends again in Radar article is bullshit. They live in the SAME BUILDING. some papas caught her in her apartment building with luggage and and started making up nonsense. the first time paps saw her with luggage was when she came back from New York, and second time(very recently) is for her singing rehearsal with her friend. please check your fact before you guys this bullshit.