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Lindsay Claims That Samantha Spit a Loog in Her Face Last Night

Ah, nothing but the classiest of news from the always-eloquent Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay tweeted earlier this morning that her ex, Samantha Ronson, was less than pleased to see her at a Coachella after-party last night — so less than pleased that she hocked one back and stuck it to Lindsay’s face.

Linds also claims that Ronson left the party with (the only real way he’s known) Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

Sam took it upon herself to address the rumors regarding her projectile bodily secretions, too, saying, “Guess what didn’t happen tonight.”  Right.  Of course.  Facepalm.  Fourth-grade, I forgot.

Truth or lie, classy, ladies. Really … classy.  Go drink milkshakes and make up or something.  The publicity stunts are getting worse and worse as the months that you’re apart go by, no matter who’s behind them.

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  • Sarah says .. “Spit a Loog in her face”

    Lindsay says .. “Spit in my face”

    There is a big difference between spit and a loogy that is mostly snot.

    Once again Sarah embellishes a story.

    • how can anything be embellished with snot?

      …. you know what, i really don’t need to see an answer to that.

    • Ugh, the actual quote is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. It’s not like she’s trying to trick you. ‘But! But! She said it was a loog!!!! I feel so cheated!! Waaaaaaaaa’

  • The publicity stunts that YOU still cover seem to be doing fine, as they still garner both girls publicity because YOU ARE STILL COVERING THEM.

    What is it like to live life completely devoid of any ability to be logical?

  • Is this necessarily literal, though? Maybe she means that Samantha snubbed her not LITERALLY spit in my her face.