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Love It or Leave It: Christina Ricci’s Smush-Boob Dress

christina ricci photographed at a NYC event wearing a horrible black dress

Christina Ricci arrived earlier in the week at an event held at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.  And she was wearing what looked like a Fraggle stapled to a magician’s top hat.  Clearly, the only thing she’s missing to complete her oddball ensemble is a fucking rabbit.

Anyway, I love Ricci.  She’s cute and seemingly-fun and funny in that wide-eyed “Me? I’m funny?” kind of way, and I’ve pretty much been a hardcore fan since she played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family and Kat Harvey in Casper (I also had a wicked big crush on Devon Sawa, though I’m embarrassed to admit that today). I also loved Now and Then, when she played the young version of Rosie O’Donnell. I always kind of laughed about that, too.  Obviously I was a bitchy little snot when I was twelve, as well, because the thought of Christina Ricci growing up to look anything like Rosie O’Donnell was definitely one of those side-splitting, laugh-’til-you-cough-something-up ideas.

Ahem, anyway.

However. This dress, girl? Needs to go back to Morticia’s closet, along with whatever mindset and ideas possessed you to ever, ever wear it.

Get on it!

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  • aside from the top hat part I like the dress. I realize they had to do something there since it’s see-thru. I just think it could have been something better.

  • I liked her in “Monster”, but to be honest it was only because her character could drink beer with and eat the snatch of Charlize Theron.

    How FUCKING AWESOME is that?

  • I love Christina Ricci and she looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture. That being said, that dress looks like darth vaders’ helmet if he were a raging queen. Under boob cleavage is not as attractive as upper boob cleavage.

  • unfortunate. but still zoe saldana’s shower gel scrubbie Oscar dress beats it for sheer hideousness.

  • The dress is horrible. It makes it look like her stomach is sticking out. Bottom boob is cool though.

  • I had the biggest crush on Devon Sawa too.. And although his character in SLC Punk was a crazed drug-addict.. He was pretty cute in that movie too.. Green hair and all lol :)

  • I was completely obsessed with Devon Sawa too… ya he didn’t age very well. I was so jealous of that romantic dance Kat and human-Casper-Devon shared in the final scene of the movie.

    And don’t even get me started on Now & Then with the Devon Sawa bum shot… I saw it 3 times in the theater just for that… now I feel really dirty and uncomfortable watching it since he was like, 10.

  • I love the dress and have always respected Christina Ricci, one of the few child actors that has stayed solid through out her entire career thus far. She’s the real deal, and the dress looks like it was made for her.

  • I liked her for that “quirky” thing (as in wearing things like that dress) before, but found a whole new respect when I saw her in Black Snake Moan. DAMN! THAT GIRL CAN ACT!!! A warning would be polite to anyone wanting to see it, it’s Southern Gothic. If your panties got all in a wad over Dakota Fanning getting raped in Hound Dog, just pass this one by as well. Seeing Samuel Jackson sing (really well) and play guitar (even better) is just a bonus.

  • I think she pulls it off. Anyone else would likely look ridiculous wearing this dress, since it is quite bizarre. The bottom cleavage will get most of the attention.

  • im just happy for her that she can proudly show of he tatas. she had reduction surgery a few years back because she was uncomfortable with her body but now it seems like shes happy with herself. thats great.

  • Love Christina Ricci. Absolutely hate this mishmash of a dress. I am very forgiving when it comes to fashion but even her lovely little figure can’t pull this off. Who would it look good on?