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Miley Cyrus Is a Grown, Sexual Creature and You Will Respect That, Goddamnit

Miley Cyrus' Sexy Show in Paris

It seems like Miley ditched the good girl vibe quite some time ago, but only recently have I realized that somewhere down the line she started only doing the mildly raunchy. Just like Britney and Christina before her, Miley is so tired of being considered a product of Disney that she’s now marketing herself as a product of Heidi Fleiss. You could argue that the girl (and yes, she’s still a girl) is 17 and exploring her sexuality, but I was once 17 and my sexuality was restrained to my high school boyfriend’s bedroom Mondays-Fridays between the hours of 3 and 5 PM. And I definitely wouldn’t have been allowed to wear a cut up Cheap Trick shirt (as if anyone in her audience thinks that’s the name of a band) and I definitely wouldn’t have grinded on an older man in a fedora knowing that my parents were a mere 15 feet away watching, but HEY! That’s showbiz!

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  • I’m not going to judge her. Girl is just trying to stay relevant in an ever changing industry. But, I won’t be taking my 9 year old to any more of her concerts. Not because I think Miley’s a bad influence, but because my 9 year old is, well, 9. Miley has grown up but my daughter is still a little girl.

    • I’m 20 and I wouldn’t go to her show. Regardless of the fact that her music sucks, I’m not into Pussycat Doll-esque antics on stage.

  • When she performed on Dancing With The Stars, my grandma (who has no idea what a Miley Cyrus is) turned to me and said “gosh doesn’t she look like mutton dressed as lamb”. Which is grandma-speak for “why is that old woman wearing wearing baby prostitute clothes?”
    When I told her she was only 17, my nan just said in a conversational tone: “well then, her parents should be shot.”
    I love my nan.

  • The reason for the overly sexual show is she has no talent and her songs are badly written. She often talks about how she wants to be respected as an artist and then she sluts around on stage like a piss poor version of KISS. Baby, you want respect, earn it with talent, good song writing and the ability to perform with your clothes on. A talent “artist” can captivate a crowd standing still with no special effects and no costumes or props. Those things are props to cover up the fact that Miley has nothing to offer.

  • Ew. I’d be embarrassed if my 16 yr old sister acted like this. I’d down for ‘growing up’ but slutting it up is not classy at ANY age.

  • so i have a question for you, when britney did this, did everybody respond to her slutyness the same way we are responding to miley’s? cuz man i really hate her good girl act and the she pulls this?? so i wonder if people were this harsh on britney too and maybe i can relax a little haha

    at least britney actually danced her ass off on the dance floor, she was really good and miley? not so much, she just jumps around the stage with the little shorts, and she does have a good body (who wouldnt if everything you did was working out in order to pull off sluttier outfits after sluttier outfits) but she ends up really fake, again not the way i saw britney’s transition, actually when she did that i thougth of it as “on time” and not so fast.

    and ANOTHER thing, what the hell is she singing in this pics?? she looks like she’s singing guns and roses or some hard rock thing, i dont picture anyone being so into party in the usa to justify thos faces and moves haha

    • Yeah, Britney pretty much got crap when she slutted it up. But then when DIDN’T she slut it up…

  • well if you start this young.. how will you top it in your twenties.. Lady Gaga, Brit-brit and Pink pretty much have it all ‘un’ covered all the freak to strange.. except for killing themselves for attention now..

  • Looking at these pictures I think she looks as good as she’s ever going to look so she might as well get some mileage out of it. She is a huge girl. She’s just going to get bigger. I have nothing against larger women, I am one. Wasn’t most of my life but boy what I wouldn’t give to be 25 again and able to wear that outfit. Just sayin’ flaunt it while you can. And yes at 17 I wore some pretty risque stuff. Because I could. If that’s hillbilly shoot me. I was sexy and I liked it. I miss it.

  • HEY MC STOP THE PIC PLEASE YOU LOST A FAN THAt me haha now and maybe i be your fan again

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