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Bret Michaels Don’t Stop For Nobody

A photo of Bret Michaels at the Celebrity Apprentice finale party

After all his health issues, Bret Michaels is not hiding the fact that he’s going to do as he damn well pleases.  He had his performance on American Idol, and last night, he had his very first concert since the whole mess started.

His doctor advised him against it, but who can chain down such a beast as Bret Michaels?  He performed as planned, with some medical personnel around and the air conditioner on high.  According to fans, the concert was phenomenal.  But according to his doctor, he shouldn’t have been doing a concert in the first place, so maybe he just shouldn’t have done it at all.

Bret Michaels is just freaking me out.  I saw him on George Lopez’s show (I still don’t know how I came to watch George Lopez’s show) last week, and he was just lovely.  He spoke so charmingly, and there was this bit where everyone in the audience wore bandanas.  I don’t get it.  When did the guy who sang “Unskinny Bop” become a hero?

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  • Yeah, that fucking pussy Gary Coleman gets a “wittle bitty” bump on his head and they have to put him on life support, while Bret Michaels is still sportin’ his braindana and sucking ass while trying to sing. I guess that’ll show a aging black circus freak to try to one up a rock god, huh?

  • Bandannas and hats off to Brett. He has achieved a great spot in the entertainment world (Poison, Celeb Apprentice) before and during his bout with the medical hurdles of a brain hemorrhage and a stroke. People should praise, not hate on his determination.

  • The wrong cleb died. I’ll take Gary Coleman over this diabetic douche of simple syrup any day.

  • i wonder how deep in debt he is to his label or to anyone else to keep doing this shit.

  • all these physical crisis are the best thing that ever happened to this……self involved person…….. just finding out he was indeed watching ‘busty cops II’ when his head exploded explains how i feel about this guy in a nutshell…..( that surrounds his leaky brain)……. i don’t wish him ill, i just wish he would go away.
    enough already.

  • bret is NOT letting this opportunity at a comeback slip though his fingers. boy is working it! hope it’s all worth it at the end.

  • I just don’t believe he was EVER as sick as publicized. It’s all just too damn convenient. It’s announced that he’s at death’s door, ratings go up on Celebrity Apprentice, suddenly he’s better, then he’s back at death’s door again, ratings go even higher, then he makes a miraculous recovery (again) JUST IN TIME for the series finale. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT. Especially when after that he’s supposedly ignoring doctor’s orders and appearing on any TV show that will have him. It was all a ratings stunt and the media had nothing to lose and everything to gain by going along with it.