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Someone Gave Heidi Montag a Gun

There are just so many things about this video that blow my mind. Where to start?

OK, so apparently Heidi Montag got an audition for Transformers 3 (OK, how???) and in order the prepare for her audition, Heidi went to a shooting range (!!!) and shot guns (!!!!). Like, actual firearms. Somebody gave Heidi Montag a gun and then filmed her using it. If that’s not a sign that gun control’s a problem, I don’t know what is. Sure, the gun was given to her in a controlled environment, but shouldn’t you have to pass some sort of mental health exam before they give you the bullets?

It looks like this isn’t the first time that Heidi’s used a gun, either. She actually maneuvers her way through a shooting course with alarming grace and speed. Perhaps the Colorado native has a history of hunting that we don’t know about?

Either way: Heidi in Transformers 3? Hell no. Heidi with a gun? Hell-er no.

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