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Mark Ronson Talks About Working With Amy Winehouse

DotComBoom with Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald

My friend Jordan Rubin and I have been working our little (and I mean little) butts off on our podcast DotComBoom and this week we were able to score an interview with Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson (brother of Samantha) and his homie Alex Greenwald, who you may know best as the lead singer of Phantom Planet.

We got to interview Mark in his hotel room at the super-swanky Chateau Marmont and Mark and Alex talked about everything from Mark’s recent work with Amy Winehouse (one of his BFFs) and both of their recent work with a majorly cute LA band called The Like (click that link if you’re not afraid of awesome music.) Mark also gave us a more-or-less unheard track that he made with Ghostface Killah for his upcoming album and homeboy actually sings on the track, the one thing we haven’t heard him do yet (read: You don’t have to listen to us talk the whole time, there’s lots of good music in there for you, too.)

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here or you can subscribe on iTunes and listen to us on the go.

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  • Couldn’t you throw us a few quotes? Not all of us listen to podcasts, so we have been teased and left in frustrated ignorance.

  • “super-swanky Chateau Marmont”? That’s one of the most overrated hotels in L.A. and is only popular because marginal celebrities still hang out there once in awhile. Most of the furniture in the bungalows is worse than the shit in my fucking grandmothers house.

    • LOL… That’s kinda pretty true. My friend stayed there recently and the basket of fruit they left in his room was partially rotten.

      I think I was just trying to be polite because I was a guest. And you know, the bar is pretty nice.