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I Interviewed Samantha Ronson This Week

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My friend Jordan Rubin (whom our very own Sasha has claimed as her future husband) and I started a podcast a few weeks back called DotComBoom. This week we were lucky enough to have Jordan’s good friend Samantha Ronson as our guest. I know what you’re thinking: “Why are you kissing Samantha Ronson’s ass, Molls? This is where we come to read people talking shit about people like her…” But you guys are going to have to trust me when I tell you that she’s ridiculously nice and super-duper funny. I mean it.

It’s rare for Sam to agree to do a podcast or radio interview, so if you want to hear her talk about her favorite TV shows, her favorite adult beverage, and of course, her dog Cadillac who I am completely obsessed with, check out it out here. And if you don’t care about Samantha Ronson, maybe you’ll be interested in our special guest Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex, who only refers to me as “egghead”. If you don’t care about either of those people, then I have no idea what you’re doing on a celebrity gossip blog, but thanks for being here and I appreciate your pageviews.

Also, if you want to interact with us while we’re recording podcasts in the future and ask our celebrity guests questions, follow Jordan (who is honestly one of the funniest Tweeters in all the land) and I on on Twitter and look for us to let you know when we’re taping our next show.

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  • Look out for Lindsay Lohan to show up at ur door at 3:00 am drunk and ready to fight Molls

    • Thanks, girl! I dont even think I’m wearing make up here because we did it on a Sunday night and I’m kind of lazy, but I blew out my hair with a round brush, which would please my mother, I think. ;)

      • Hmmm…from the tone of your remark I would have to say you and your mother don’t have a good relationship.

        Still mad at her for throwing your bong in the trash when you were twelve?

        Let it go…life is to short…Forgive….

      • lol. When I was a little girl, I got a round brush stuck in my hair, so I have this sort of adult phobia. I recognise that I can use them safely and responsibly now, but I still have this sort of tentative concern that I will injure myself with one. :)

  • If I hear the word “like” jammed into like every third like word, I am going to like fucking like puke.

  • It would have been interesting if the entire thing had not been only about you. Samantha barely talked. You made it all about you. I understand if you do not notice. I am not even saying it is a bad thing. Not certain why but Angelenos tend to speak too much and suck at listening to the other party.


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  • What is she famous for? She’s a DJ and comes from money…oh and she slept with firecrotch… her 15 minutes should be up by now… love the loser hand gestures too! really nice. Great scoop, by the way, I rarely do podcasts or radio interviews too.

  • I love samantha. Cute and sexy andro tomboy that she is. Next time let her speak a little more molls !!

  • Dear Mollie,

    I have heard the tape only once and once- only your voice. First, after the song of Samantha I have thought Samantha is talking…I have thought – nice voice, “f***” word, about music..Peter Gabriel…Steam? Lovely voice, even sexual. But, FUCK!!! That girl is speaking FAST and she is from England??? Not sure. Insane. It was YOU! Insane. I just tweeted to Samantha, saying that she has a lovely sensual voice…but it was you.
    I liked the way Samantha started about the “coke”, coke is a heroine, her voice is lovely too. Girly. Sexual too. But not like yours. Also she replied a bit to you. You couldn’t make the contact to BUZZZ her to open. You try again! Dog will help.
    By the way, I am thin just as her, no matter how many I eat (I love to eat), this is the genes.