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Keep It in Your Pants, Cuddy

A photo of Lisa Edelstein and Hugh Laurie

Lisa Edelstein, better known as Cuddy from House, has always rooted for a romance between her character and Laurie’s.  You can’t really blame her – you know a large percentage of House viewers want to bang him – but Lisa’s a little vocal about it.  After the finale of the sixth season, which hinted at an actual relationship between the two, she hasn’t been holding back:

“I think they need to go for it!”

Cute, right?  Yeah, that’s cool, but then she went on to talk about Laurie specifically:

“We get on great, he’s such a fun guy, and a sexy guy too! He’s funny and smart, and, to top it all, he’s tall, he has beautiful eyes.”

“I think his character’s brilliant. He solves all these problems and saves people from dying, which everybody would like to be able to do. But at the same time he has all this freedom to say whatever he wants to say to people, there’s no editing.”

We get it, Lisa, you’re a total House fangirl, and usually there’s nothing wrong with that.  But if you want to fangirl that much over someone you know, you have to be a little more discreet.  Either that, or just go ahead and tap that.  Ain’t nobody gonna judge you, Lisa, you just do what you have to do.

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  • OH hell yes…tap it! Give her a break – she, like everyone else, is totally in love with Hugh Laurie – manic depressive/genius that he is. Sigh…

  • Maybe if the media didn’t ask her the same freaking questions all the time she wouldn’t have to be so verbal about it! I don’t see anything wrong in supporting a hook-up between Cuddy and House – why shouldn’t she? And she is being very complimentary to Hugh – I don’t see why that is a problem!

    • Yes! Can they be a little more original and stop asking: “What’s like working with Hugh Laurie?” Can’t they get it by her facial expression that she’s freaking tired of answering that question over and over again?

  • I say it’s the gimpy leg and the Vicodin addiction that’s getting her all wet between the thighs. BTW, I think she’s a hot M.I.L.F. and all, but her days of wearing such a short dress are well behind her.

  • I think Hugh looks cute without a beard , nothing wrong with being clean shaven once in awhile , in fact , this seventh season of House , I would likebto see the character of Greg House be clean shaven , now he has got a new lease on life and Cuddy as his girlfriend / life partner / significent other .

  • The thing is Mr Laurie looks totally comfortable around her. I bet he doesn´t mind to have a gorgeous woman around who admires and supports him ;) I wouldn´t

    • Especially someone who supports him. Because the wife could bitch all she wants about her cheating husband, but the truth is neither her nor his children are by his side when he needs them.

  • Everything Lisa says is for the purpose of creating more publicity for the show, nothing more.

  • Here evilbeetdouche fuck off. You’re the piece of shit. Hugh has achieved something with his life. He makes a fortune and loves what he does, and we, as a house fandom, LOVE him. So just fuck off and go find someone else to insult. Infact build a bridge and get over it, na LOL JK, get under it you troll.

  • Oh come on, you don’t have to write an article about her admiration on Hugh and his character and bash her, all you’ve got to say is “I’m jealous!” Easy as that. Where were you for the past six years that they’ve been doing the show and interviews? Lisa says it all the time, there’s nothing new, so shut the fuck up and mind your own business!

  • Yeah, I don’t see anybody writing an article about Jennifer Morrison, when she also drooled on Hugh several times. It’s publicity, people! And even if something’s going on there, it takes two to tango, remember?

  • Obviously they enjoy each other company. I remember a live chat with Hugh Laurie last summer. He answered a lot of questions about her and he only had good things to say. They are probably very good friends. And if there is something else there we´ll probably never now but if they are happy spending time together then good for them.

  • Lisa is a bright, happy person who believes in stating the truth and yes, Hugh is hot, Cuddy and House are hot. She speaks the truth. They seem to have fun when they are together and I am glad they can find that sort of friendship in Hollywood.

  • she tells always the truth !!! hugh is smart sexy and has beautiful eyes !!!! and they are two people who take care each other and they are good friends !!! there something wrong with that ??? she is AWESOME !!!!!!! so go and insult someone else !!!!! because she is not doing nothing wrong !!! also i’m agree with others comments that the people always ask her the same question !!!!