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Paris Hilton Stays Ass-y In Cannes

Paris Hilton Flashes The Club in Cannes

Everyone’s still in Cannes partying their faces off because they’re fucking rich and I’m poor and I never go anywhere and I’m tired and my bones hurt. I’m sorry. ANYWAYYSSS…

Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky (who just has the bitchiest face ever, and I’m sorry because I tried to like her but every time I see her I’m like, “Oh, that bitch is judging the hell out of someone right now.”) were partying it up in Cannes last night when Paris’ ass decided that it no longer could be contained and popped out to say hello to guests partying beneath them in the non-VIP section. It happens, man. I’m not Nicky Hilton, I’m not going to judge Paris for that. Sometimes you’re at the club and your ass falls out. It’s fun to look at, but let’s not chastise the girl for it.

Now does anyone want to pay for me to go on a vacation?

(UPDATE: The ass shot has been moved from the front page because apparently it’s NSFW. To me it was about as offensive as the Coppertone girl, but I am a raging whore so I probably wasn’t being sensitive to everyone’s virgin eyes/work situations.)

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  • I really think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. I tried to swaller it, but the image had permanently been seared into my mind and instead, I choked on it.

  • i was holding off on the “molls is retarded” parade but some people look at this site at work, you moron.

  • she has a tiny derriere, like disturbingly so.
    and anonymous ease off the hatorade

  • Based on what everyone has already seen of her, I just have to ask – does this woman EVER wear underwear?

    • Some people have low iron levels. My mom could skim something and bruise like she was thrown down a flight of stairs. And yet, I’ve gotten a visible bruise like twice in my life.

  • WOW she has turned into …like …. one of those whores you see on balconies in New Orleans showin their tits for beads, for like COPS…and stuff

  • 2 thoughts upon seeing these pictures:
    a) she still doesn’t wear underwear.
    b) surprisingly, i’d hit it. it would be the best 30 seconds of her life.

  • ew.

    also, about the molls/nsfw issue. how many of you know that any story about paris hilton, especially now since no one gives a crap about her, will involve nudity?

    seriously, that’s like going into a courtney love post and not expecting lunacy.

    • No, not really. It’s like, “hey, her ass is hanging out, click HERE if you want to see it”, not “hey, I just put a picture of Paris Hilton’s ass on the main page”. It’s just bad business.

  • haha..great post molls!
    at first i thought the whole ass popping out was actually your way of saying what her tata’s looked like popping out of her dress, cause you know it sorta does look like a small ass popping out to say hello.

    and what is up with her squeezing them together, then groping them and touching the waitress breast???

    I love how nicky seems classy, prim and proper (even her hair-do) and Paris is all “Dallas-ed” out like it is 1988.