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According to Her Oprah Performance, X-Tina’s Still Got It

I can’t embed the video so you’re going to have to click over to Oprah’s site to see the video of Christina Aguilera performing her new single “Not Myself Tonight” on Friday’s Oprah, but it’s worth it. The dancers and Christina’s costume are a little whack, but that’s not why we love her. It’s that voice and unlike Whitney, time out of the spotlight hasn’t taken a nasty toll on her pipes. Christina sounds better than ever and her spunky spirit still shines through. At one point during her performance, Christina stops singing to say to the crowd, “And you know what? As women, we do it all, so sometimes we just gotta have some fun, right?” Ugh. Love her.

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  • I can only assume but I think Christina respects her body & God given voice way too much to risk losing it all with drugs the way Whitney did. The only problem with any star leaving the spotlight is that the public has short memories. We are attracted to the new shiny object in the room which for some may be Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. Fame and being “number one” does not always mean the most talented.

  • Well.. The video is definately a pathetic copy of lady gaga, and i know most of you disagree, but i also know a lot of people actually think like me. Having said that, Gaga could NEVER sing the way Christina does. Christina has an amazing voice, i definately give her that, but the video? that’s just a desperate move to be relevant again, and she didn’t even need that, which makes it even more pathetic.

  • I saw the official video. It’s Christina Gaga and “Not My Telephone Tonight”. She has enough talent NOT to completely crib Gaga’s gig, but that’s clearly, unequivocally just what she did. Next, please!