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Jennifer Aniston is Getting a (Female) Roommate

According to Star magazine, Jen’s long-time friend and yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, is moving on up and into the star’s Beverly Hills home:

Jen has invited Mandy to move into her mansion back home in Beverly Hills, Star has learned exclusively.

After several failed relationships with men and with no new prospects on the horizon, Jen’s ready to make a change. “I think she thought, living with men hasn’t worked out for her in the past, so why not try a close friend?” says an insider. “Jen’s been wanting companionship.”…

Finally she asked 42-year-old Mandy, who is also single, to share her Zen-inspired home. She and Jen spend loads of time together as it is – not only do they hang out as friends, but Mandy also regularly travels with Jen on film shoots and vacations to guide her daily yoga session. “Jen offered Mandy a bedroom with her own bathroom,” says another insider. “She sees her as a friend, a sister, a confidante. Jen has cried on Mandy’s shoulder a lot of the years, so she would do anything for her. Jen trusts Mandy implicitly.”

And Mandy certainly doesn’t mind the perks of living with the A-listers. “She loves it there because there’s a staff to take care of everything, like buying groceries and doing the laundry. It’s like a hotel,” adds the insider.

Now, yeah … Star‘s just not hugely reputable when reporting news stories, but this one isn’t too far a reach, I suppose. Even though Jen’s rep has denied that Mandy’s moving in, you never do know. Remember when Tiger’s camp stated that there was no truth to cheating allegations?  Yeah.  

Well, maybe Jen’s reaching across the aisle because of all of the bad luck that’s followed her after dating a slew of male players. Maybe she’s found love (again). Maybe she’s just lonely. Maybe this woman’s her true best friend. Moreover, maybe she’s having a hard time paying the bills, but in spite of the fact that I can’t get myself to watch any of her sappy love-story movies, I kind of doubt that.

Either way, congrats to Ms. Aniston on finally having some stable loyalty in your life. Lord knows there’s nothing more stable (or, uh … flexible) than a yoga instructor. You go, girl!

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