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Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me” Video is Fabulous

“Why Don’t You Love Me” – Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

For awhile there it seemed like the art of the next-level music video was dead, but for the last year or so the ladies of the music biz have been bringing the heat. Between Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce, music videos have started to become enjoyable again. Take, for example, the newly-released video for Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

Beyonce, who is known for looking to the past for inspiration in her clothes and videos, takes on Bettie Page this time around and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her looking better. I’m a huge Beyonce fan, and while this isn’t close to “Single Ladies” or even “Ego” as a song, “Why Don’t You Love Me” still hits in all the right places. And I want everything she’s wearing. Was Tina Knowles barred from the set? How’s Beyonce looking so completely classy?

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  • I agree… don’t love the song, but this video is fabulous. Dusting all her Grammys? Genius!

  • The video is exceptional but the song is crap. It is frenetic, disjointed, and nauseatingly repetitive. When will she ever sing a song while not wearing shorts, and gyrating her ass around? Is this all she’s capable of?

  • The video is so close to perfection… The fugly fringe an babyblue nailpolish ruin it, but only a little bit. I also love the song, sounds “more Beyonce” than “single ladies” to me…

  • Horrible!!! Beyonce is – was – and will forever be over rated as singer and actress. She is beyond smelly…please gurl…go take your fat ass thighs on back over to whats his face who thinks he is Jehovah or Jesus or whoever he is today — JayZ— and let him rub you with BBQ sauce….you are a pig….sooeee!!!!

    Please go away.

  • oh, great. another example of how cute and fun it is to be relegated to domesticity… oh, it isn’t beyonce REALLY doing that, right? it’s one of her alter-egos? okay, cool. yes. then this video rules. thanks for setting us back. again.

    • your comment is retarded.

      as if loads of women are going to watch this and think they should become slaving housewives.
      You’ve just insulted the women of 2010.

      the song is about a man that does not appreciate his amazing woman.

      • “retarded”. you just insulted the developmentally challenged of 2010. p.s. “why don’t you love me? why don’t you need me?” yeah, that desperation definitely makes her sound like an amazing woman…um, what? think, melissa. it helps.

      • the word “retarded” would only be pejoritive to people who still use it as a valid identifier of the “developmentally challenged”. I guess that’s why Palin (and perhaps you??) are so upset about it’s current “popular” usage.

      • it worked.
        i knew if i baited you with the term “retarded” i could expose you for the hyper sensitive bullshit pc person you are.

        by the way, asking a man (or a woman) “why don’t you love me?” “why don’t you need me?” is not a sign of being somehow subdued by men, desperate, not strong and independent.

        Needing a man or wanting him to appreciate the gem that you are is not demeaning to a woman.

        Only miserable men hating feminists feel that way and have done everything they can to make sure they never need a man for anything.

      • The feminist movement was not about throwing women out of houses. It was about giving women control over their own lives so that they can make their own decisions.
        If A woman wants to be a housewife and have 17 children it’s up to her, her decision. You’re being a sexist against women.
        You absolute eejit.

  • I really like this video with one exception. It has always bothered me when people pretend to smoke, which is an odd pet peeve that I have, but it has always irked me. I understand not wanting to inhale the smoke, but with this video in particular, the cigarettes weren’t even a necessary component. But whatevs, it’s a great video even though I make a face whenever the fake smoking scenes come on.

    • smoking was also extremely common during the era she is portraying.
      back then women smoked and drank while pregnant not knowing how terrible that was.

      • I’m perfectly aware that smoking was a common occurrence. I was just saying that she didn’t need to have cigarettes in her video, especially because it was obvious that she wasn’t smoking them. The video would have had the same impact without the faux smoking, but thanks for the history lesson. Enlightening.

  • I liked the video too, she looked awesome, but why can’t she do anything else other than look hot? She’s an actress right? She’s an “independent women” right? Why can’t her music video have more of a story or something…nothing happens other than her stockings slide down and need to be pulled up. Hot body, rocking clothes, no substance. Once in a while those are awesome videos, but I want more from her.

  • i don’t know… i was her fan when she was in destiny’s child, and i think she has an amazing voice. i stopped paying attention to her when she started to parade around half naked. i think that when you have a voice like that, and her amount of power, you just don’t have to strip at every single occasion. only those people who have to mask the fact that their voices pretty much suck have to do that… same goes for christina aguilera…. but i do like the idea of the video. she could have done it dressed, though.

  • Solange was a co-writer on this song.

    The song seemed a little frenetic (unless that was the point). But overall, I like the video and costumes.

  • She obviously is taking pointers from GaGa in this one…it has her written all over it. No wonder such a dramatic change…its not byonce at all.

    • PLEASE…all you gaga apologizers really need to get over it and get a life. That video/song isn’t even remotely stylistically or musically like gaga. It’s like nobody can open their mouths anymore without being compared to that thief. Hmmm, maybe that’s it, you guys are confused cause she steals so much from everybody else .

    • Please be quiet and go sit in the corner. Lady GaGa is a minor talent who takes her style from Grace Jones. Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and all the other first rate singers were on top long before her and will on top long after her. *Please note all the grammys B.B. Homemaker was dusting off*

      • She might hav been after them.
        But she sure has become more powerful than them.!
        Wtf r u looking at.??
        This is TOTALLY lyk GAGA.
        She copied off her style.
        Beyone has never done a video like this.
        The song may not be like GAGA but
        the video was definitely a bad
        version of her style.

      • Umm hello, she had the Betty Page look in the VideoPhone video which was produced and conceived by Beyonce and her people.

      • wtf.??
        y does everyone hav to hav a
        response to everyone’s comment.??
        This isn’t a Beyonce faniste.
        Ppl can say wat they want.

  • I used to REALLY love Beyonce.
    But then i saw this.
    She COMPLETELY copied off of GAGA.
    (except GAGA would do it much better)
    I guess she thought she could
    since she worked with her already.
    This video is riciuous & not original.
    Someone before said that she feels threaten
    by her power & how she might
    become bigger than her.
    That is SOOO true.
    GAGA made #1 for TIme’s Most Influential
    Beyonce made #38
    & Beyonce definitely can’t dress anymore
    especially since she tried following others
    looks. It just doesn’t work
    for her or her size.
    She doesn’t wear very flattering things.
    But anyways i still <3 Beyonce
    **(but I <3 GAGA more)**

    • Lady Gaga relies on theatrics to make an effective performance, hence her performance on American Idol.

      Beyonce, however is a pure showgirl. She could tear up the mic and the floor with a simple setting – and still sound near perfection.

      Gaga made #1 for Time’s most influential list because thousands of her internet fans voted. I think its silly to compare Gaga to Beyonce and the others in regards to accolades and merits.

      Lady gaga is certainly refreshing to the industry. Although this may be subjective, I think her creative mindset is brilliant. Wheter its through inspiration or not.

      But one should also realize that she has years to prove that shes a viable artist than can sustain longevity in the industry. Theatrics won’t cut it forever. Maybe to her core fans it will, but to the average viewer/listener it won’t.

    • To quote Beyonce “…since 15 in my stilettos been struttin’ on this stage”. Gaga may be the flavour of the month now but she has a LOOOONG way to go to be professionally, critically or financially comparable to Bey.

  • dude… it. love it love it love it, and i’m usually one crabby asshole! beyonce, i wanna marry that ass.

  • I don’t understand how you can not love Beyonce. I don’t agree with many things that he says, but Kanye was right that fateful day when he interrupted Taylor Swift. Beyonce is pushing the envelope, and innovating musically where others stick to the same patterns.


  • honestly, I believe that Beyonce is a an artist who never plays it safe because she’s always the main one taking risks when other R&B female artists and some male artists ust stick to what they’v been doing for the past 5 or 6 yrs which is why Beyonce is surpassing alot artists and is taking quickly earning te name “A Legend” because at 28 yrs old she is truly a Legend whether people hate to admit it or not!! she didn’t earned those 16 grammy awards overnight!!

  • Beyonce is boring. So tired of her fining new themes to do her sex kitten act. What a disappointment. I just see her as so contrived. She’s hard working she is prolific but I really miss the artists that surprise and shock and don’t just do it over sex. She has new videos but to say she pushes the enevlope is a bit silly. She has a superb marketing team but how has she evolved aprt from showing more verstile ways to strip and shake I’m bored. Eye candy but she overdone it!

  • Beyonce is played out. Why are people necessarily “hating”? why can’t a person just simply NOT LIKE SOMEONE. and she is definitley copying GAGA especially with that black outfit she has. That was in GAGA’s Bad Romance video. Lady Gaga needs to sue Beyonce forreal. How could none of you see that outfit and still have the nerve to say that she did not copy her? Beyonce is NOT this creative. She is only portraying her mother’s designs. She has been a Guinea pig for Tina Knowles fashion designs and idiots think just cuz its “Beyonce” its “hot”. Be original. This is why Lady Gaga is going to kick her out of the spotlight.

  • funny today Gaga is nowhere in site Beyoce kilked it vocally at 2011 VMA’s. That man just needed to just enjoy her little time why it last