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The Kentucky Derby Happened. Exciting Stuff.

I know there are like horses and shit at the Kentucky Derby, and that’s all great, but I really don’t care about that because EVERYONE LOOKS SO CUTE!  The Kentucky Derby could very well be my favorite red carpet event for fashion, and I don’t care what that says about me as a person, I unapologetically love it.

Above is Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz being the most adorably dressed people in the entire world.  Seriously, look at them and tell me they’re not.  You cannot do it, and if you could, it would be a lie.

Below are assorted pictures of my favorite looks, including Jesse Spencer, Rebecca Romijn, Fran Drescher, and Johnny Weir.

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  • I have been coming to Evilbeet less and less frequently over the past 6 months or so. I hated that stupid trying so hard to sound hip and tough that had become the norm here. (Molls would call it frontin).

    Read all your posts, like your style Emily. Yay for EB

    • I concur. I also added you on Facebook, mostly to see if your not-sucking is a one-weekend fluke or if you’re as fairly awesome as you appear.


      (That’s right, bitches. I am unanonymous for this moment. Hit me up, evilbeetdouche, let’s see if you’re as much of a fantastic tool on every site, or if you’re an EB exclusive.)

      • Why do you want me? What about all the other equally fantastic tools? I’m sure you’ve hurt their feelings. Hope you feel good about that.

    • i agree with you, wendie and molls were the worst at that trying to sound hip. now if we could just get rid of all this lame advertising.

      • Ironically, lonely lolly (a true bottom-feeder) made plenty of attempts at trying to navigate to my personal website to read my “trying to sound hip” style of writing (and you really can’t get more “hipster” than talking about autism and potty-training) despite being blocked after she left a comment critiquing my child’s physical appearance.

        I have little doubt lolly reads Molly’s blog every day too.

        To the business at hand, I just want to try a Mint Julep.

      • lies. i visited it one day to try to see if you were any better at writing when you WEREN’T trying to be too hip, and you banned me, so i kept visiting to see if i was unbanned, laughing every time i saw that i was. but nice exaggeration. and dont assume i am lonely or anything else simply because i was not a fan of your GOSSIP blogging.

        and she does need braces, of which i’m sure you are aware. there’s no corrective procedure for your problem though.

      • hahaha i didnt know there were actual stalkers in this site… frrreeeeaaakkyyy. too much time in your hands

      • I have to say, I’m shocked and surprised, perhaps a little dismayed at Lolly’s initial critique of Wendie’s Fabulous style of writing, but moreso shocked that she would talk about someone’s child’s teeth.

        Isn’t that taking the internet(s) too personal? Perhaps an atittude adjustment is needed for Little Miss Lolly but I would certainly be leary of anyone who would make a comment about a child on a blog that is so personal.

        I believe this is how a stalker, becomes a stalker… “I keep checking back to see if I’m banned” yeah.

        Golly Miss Lolly, get a life, 7-11, 50 cents babe!

      • don’t feel bad wendie. lolly’s just angry with the world because there’s no braces to fix her personality.

  • Emily, you’re a moron. At least try to have some respect for one of the oldest, wealthiest, and most dangerous sports in existence. Oh and your writing style is sub-par. Beet, please fire her.

    • “mistreating animals”

      Those horses have better health care than probably 90% of Americans.
      And yes it is horrific seeing people make a horse have to run, when you consider that God gave them the four legs not to stand on or run with but rather to sit in a recliner and paint with them, or write poetry.

      Go hug a tree or fuck a squirrel. Sheeeesh..

      • No, Helga’s right. Racehorses really are appallingly mistreated. They’re trained to run at top speed from very young ages, long before their bones and joints are developed enough to handle it, so they get severely injured very easily (remember two years ago, the Derby made headlines when the young horse Eight Belles had to be destroyed immediately after the race because she broke both front ankles on the track?). The veterinary care they do receive tends to be to mask the injuries in order to allow them to run. Once the race is over, unless the horse is a big winner, the owners tend to not care what happens to it. Horse racing is an extremely brutal sport, for the animals and the jockeys, but the major players involved are wealthy enough to keep the seedy side of the sport hidden from the public. It’s awful.

      • I knew the Eight Belles argument was coming.

        You are right though I did some more research and I found an article from the “Fuck Tard Institute Of All Things Equine” that stated that no horse in the wild has ever broken an ankle, a leg, or come up lame in any way. Also no one had ever ridden a horse before horse racing came about. The Cavalry, Pony Express, Cowboys and Indians, all one big fucking lie!

        I stand corrected.

      • Apparently, you also learned that in the wild being an asshole is all that’s required to win an argument. Take that, logic!

  • Those horses are mistreated. Pumped with tranqs, and other horrible stuff. But who cares, lets look at b-list celebs in big hats!

  • I looove the Wentz’ look! I think they are adorable together in general, even though I don’t really like either of them by themselves, but They are so cute together here! And Fran Drescher is getting old.

    Oh, and Fred Willard looks like a cartoon grasshopper.

      • I think they look like douches also. And Emily is naive, she needs to sour up a bit I don’t like this high school pep squad rah rah type journalism. I think she’s being fake.

  • Holy shit, Pete Wentz looks like a massive douche. And seriously, when in the effing hell will he lose that horrible emo hair? This is what’s wrong with kids nowadays.

  • Re: “You cannot do it, and if you could, it would be a lie.”
    I can, and it wouldn’t be a lie. Trust me.

  • I LOVE Rebecca and Jerry (minus his shitty hair) together, they are soooo cute.

    I love the big outrageous hats. Luckily I can wear one whenever I go to church in Jamaica. Yes! Big Sunday Church Hat!

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