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Guess Who Wasn’t All Doped Up on Drugs Like a Certain UFC Fighter Claimed?

After allegations emerged that Tito Ortiz roughed Jenna Jameson up over some kind of “hurt feelings” thing, Ortiz denied the occurrence ever happened and claimed Jameson hurt herself while in a drug-induced panic.

However, reps for Jameson have come forward to claim that the former porn star was drug tested a day after the incident occurred between Jameson and Tito and all results (including those for oxycodone, cocaine, marijuana and meth) came up … you guessed it, negative.

Wonder what this says about the state of the couple’s union.  Or worse, for Ortiz.

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  • I’m more curious about what this says about all the victem-blamers that exploded with “SHEZ ON DRUGGSSS!! ITS HR FALT!~!!!!!111” when this came out.

  • I thought it was legal to beat up porn stars? Why the fuck else would you want to hang out with them?

  • So, Jenna Jameson supposedly took her a drug test of her choosing, privately, at the facility of her choosing, a full day after the alleged incident. And results came back negative & ‘her reps’ shared that news with the world? Yep, nothing questionable about that sequence of events.
    Even if Jenna Jameson did take a legitimate drug test a day after the alleged incident, would traces any of the drugs that she was supposedly tested for, Oxycontin in particular, show up on a urine-based drug test administered a day after last use?

  • It’s not cool to hurt a woman under any circumstances. Any.
    That said, I don’t think her injuries were much more than a publicity scam. When news first broke you see her leaving (with her dad?) to go somewhere. She is clearly using her arm to put the car in gear. Then she is photographed wearing a brace (carrying a kid in the other arm to boost the boo-hoo factor) and THEN she’s photographed wearing a sling. Please. If she that severely injured, why wasn’t her dad driving/carrying the kid(s)?
    I’m tired of everyone’s BS being played out in the courts of public opinion. Especially when there’s kids involved. Keep your damn private life private. Jenna needs to borrow some class from Sandra Bullock.