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I Guess Apologizing to Sandra Bullock For Screwing Her Husband is the New Black.

Sources at TMZ have exclusively received a pretty juicy piece of information regarding the doings during the Jesse James affairs and they’ve got a letter from a douchey mistress to prove it. Jesse James’ second mistress, Melissa Smith, allegedly wrote a letter to Sandra apologizing for her part in the James affairs and Smith, not so unlike Bombshell McGee, offered to speak with Bullock to put her mind at ease. Smith recently reached out to the star and stated that she was “deeply sorry” for everything that she’d been through these past weeks.  She also claimed that the affairs went against the very core of her “beliefs” and further admitted to sleeping with James on several occasions — in an inadvertent way, naturally:

” … I compromised by beliefs on several occasions and as a result, will never forgive myself.”

You will, Melissa.  I’m sure, in time, you’ll eventually forgive yourself. But not before wishing that you’d written your apology letter sooner. Your girl McGee beat you to the punch on this one.

You can read the letter in all of its honeyed, empathetic bullshit entirety here.

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  • Once again, another skank who isn’t sorry she did it, she’s merely sorry she got caught. Everyone on the planet knew they were married so it’s not as if she can claim she didn’t know. Despite thinking these women are beneath scum, they are not the ones who entered into a contract/promise/marriage with Sandra Bullock. Yes, they are partly to blame, but the real guilty party is that asshole who is now kicking himself

  • I mean really, who fucks a guy that wears overalls? There can’t be anything that’s a bigger turnoff than fucking denim overalls.

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