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Lawsuit Watch: Madonna V. Sarah Jessica Parker

Looks like Sarah Jessica Parker’s in trouble … for absconding with Madonna’s guns.

SJP was photographed earlier this week hanging out with one of her twin baby daughters and son, but I was too blinded by the children’s beauty to see the forest for the trees.

Parker’s been looking all ripped up for a few years now, but I’m thinking lately she’s rivaling the sinewy, veiny, transparent-skinned Madonna with those crazy massive biceps.

So … who would win in a fight to the finish? Sarah Jessica Parker or Madonna?

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  • Madonna would take her down in a NY minute! I think Madonna is scary strong. SJP is just scary skinny now.

  • I can’t believe that the pics with Madonna are real. Photoshop ? They remind me of a photo of Keira Knightley, retouched with Photoshop by pro-ana (or anti-Keira, I don’t remember…).

  • They are both terrified of middle age and becoming unattractive so they’ve made themselves…unattractive.

    No guy wants to cosy up with a warm bundle of skin and bone.

    SJP has already had to deal with a philandering hubby so she’s got a realistic fear of being dumped for someone younger and Madge, of course, has become a philandering hubby and tries to live through the extreme youth of her boy-friends.

    • Madonnas is still getting younger wealthy men,George Merwin of Florida and London.Cant find pics of some of her new men.

  • This is what happens when you work out with a personal trainer 8 days a week and consume nothing but tofu and celery juice.

  • Those are not “guns”. those are anorexia arms. How can you describe Sarah Jessica Parker as buff or muscled when she is clearly at an unhealthy weight? Compare to our First Lady’s arms. Michelle Obama is muscular AND at a healthy body weight, and she looks a MILLION times better than Sarah Jessica Parker.

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