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Nothing Gold Can Stay

This is a horrible way to start my day with you, dear readers. I hate to tell you this, but Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas AKA Sick AKA Nelena are no longer an item. According to a source who spoke to People, anyway. Has this been the hardest news week ever or what?

The source says that the 17-year olds split because of their hectic work schedules. With Selena in Europe all summer making a film and the JoBros sweeping the globe with another one of their hard-hitting and non-stop tours, there just wont be time for the two to spend time together. They went on to tell the magazine, “it’s evident to everyone that they will always have a super strong connection.” Obviously.

If Selena and Nick can’t stay together because of work, does the same fate await Jemi? Is this The Summer of Death Part 2, The Remix?

P.S. If you guys like to wallow in the sadness of a break up the way I do, click here and just do you for two. It’s OK to cry. Let it out, girl.

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  • Ugh. These two were just on-air with Ryan Seacrest earlier this week being adorable promoting some cute Disney thing. (I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention. I was waiting for them to play the sweet, sweet sounds of Justin Bieber.)

    Is anything sacred anymore?

  • Gah, I have a 14 year old sister and know much more than I’d like to about the sordid lives of the Disney clan.

    According to her, the were never together in the first place. Nick needed her to drum up publicity about his album and she agreed (even though he left her the first time because he wanted Miley) cause she’s a pushover. She was under the impression they would really start dating again, but he was over that ish (especially after seeing Miley with her hunk of a man, Liam) and she was pissed, unfollowed him on Twitter, then tweeted about how she was blaring “Before the Storm,” a song Nick and Miley sang. Then she deleted that tweet.

    Whew…okay, I’m done.


  • . . . I don’t remember hearing they were going out. But on the other hand, I don’t really remember ever caring much. It might’ve been a post I skipped over when I saw one or both of their pictures.

  • Hey selena and nick I would love to meet you guys my adress is in the u.s.a. Utah holaday3219 E oak cir. My number is 8019413021 call me


    (note: if any of you guy want ed for them to be together then im srry for you guys)

  • oh screw u guys i riiiiiiiiiiiiiily love this pic either than the eeeeewy miley cyrus. nick shud thnk twice before acting.