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Peaches Geldof Chooses Poor Company, Looks Like a Really Beat Fiona Apple

I’ll just bet these pictures prompt so many questions for you.

Like, who’s the creepy red-headed kid in the photos? Yeah, his name is Ben Mills. And he was expelled from his New Jersey university for threatening to slit the throat of one of his female classmates. And also, you’re probably wondering what a skanked-out dude like this is doing with what’s supposed to be an upstanding lady from across the pond, yeah? Evidently, the two met back in 2009 after a detoxification clinic sponsored by the Scientology religion in LA. Peaches Geldof obviously had some mad wool pulled over her eyes when this creepy “ex” — and by “ex” I mean a random that happened to enjoy the same drugs she did at the moment — released photos that were allegedly taken after the detox process and during a heroin-filled sex romp.

After the clinic concluded, the two allegedly drove around LA looking for heroin apparatuses and after obviously finding what they needed, hell, it all went downhill. Mills claimed that the two watched a movie together, and before they knew it, things had gotten “hot and heavy” — and that hotness-and-heaviness clearly involved drugs, really unfortunate lighting, cameras, and poorly-applied eyeliner.

Although Geldof’s lawyers disassociate her from this Mills character and claim that she had nothing to do with him or heroin, there’s no mistaking that this is our lovely Peaches, with her lovely peaches hanging on out, definitely under the influence of something pretty heavy-duty.


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