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Phil Spector Gets a Jailhouse Beatdown

Too bad they didn’t waste the freak.

According to family friends, Spector “mouthed off” to the wrong inmate and ended up with a busted nose, bruised face and lost a few teeth during the battle of epic proportions.

While Spector’s current wife — who could be his granddaughter, incidentally — claims that he was not, in fact, beaten up in prison, his attorney claims that Spector’s always had a mouth on him and it’s hardly surprising that he ends up taking one to the kisser, in one way or another.

Normally I’d be appalled at someone beating the snot out of a 70 year-old, but this is Phil Spector we’re talking about here. However, fear not, Spector supporters: it’s reported that he’ll be just fine.

Spector went into the fight with both guns blazing; just ask the inmate in question.  Even he’ll tell you that Spector did it to himself. Hand the gun to a fool and he’ll surely shoot his mistress himself in the foot.

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    • I’m with you. Surely this couldn’t have been a court room setting. Maybe Judge Ito was presiding? Why didn’t that hair scare off the assulting inmate?

  • He shot a woman to death. This might be considered poetic justice.
    The ‘Hollywood types’ seem to think that they can just berate and belittle everyone and ‘we’ are suppose to take it.
    Good manners and polite conversions may be the key to Mr. Spector’s survival. Someone please forward this blog to Roman Polanski.

  • Dude is a lunatic. Funny how when someone has money, they are “eccentric.” When you are a commoner, you are just effing nuts.

  • “during the battle of epic proportions”

    Sarah quit aggrandizing your stories with such bullshit.

    “Normally I’d be appalled at someone beating the snot out of a 70 year-old”

    Who fucking cares how old he is? He is in fucking prison for murder!
    You could have said he was sodomized with a mop handle and forced to swallow the semen of everyone on the cell block and I wouldn’t have cared. Fuck him! I hope they kill him the next time around.

    • “during the battle of epic proportions” actually I kinda chuckled at that one.
      But then I also chuckled at your melodramatic description of life in a gentleman’s prison.

    • Hey, Good Lord? Will you please DIE? you and your whole disgusting family? you’re sick.

      You must be someone’s alias, because you popped up out of nowhere all of a sudden. but whatever. please someone hit this piece of shit with a car. you sad, sad little person. your mom must be so proud.

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