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Look Who’s a Real Celebrity!

It’s official! A best actress Oscar nod is a good sign that you’re on your way to being famous, but when the paparazzi stalk your ass while you’re shopping, you KNOW you’ve really done something important. Just ask Brooke Hogan or Mischa Barton or Tila Tequila.

The paps got some shots of our newest glamour girl, Ms. Gabourey Sidibe, while she was out and about in NYC. There’s something I just adore about this girl. She’s such a fantastic and earnest success story, and I’m rooting for her to stay relevant in Hollywood.

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  • Then she needs to stop dressing like a gay (because of the boots) lumberjack. I like the girl too, but didn’t she receive a pay check for her last role in Precious? I hope what she is carrying in the bag is a StairMaster.

  • Vomit… Indolent pile of fat… Look what media push on our throats… “She’s natural”, “She’s talented”, “She’s gorgeous”, “She’s different”… Lose weight or disappear, the big screen is too small for u…

  • Jeez XYZ! The only way the obesity issue is going to get any better is if people (including the medical professionals) give support and love to those suffering from it. Intolerance never helped anyone.

    • A pallet of Hostess Twinkies a day never helped anyone either.

      Actually that brown bag she’s carrying is a “to go” McRib sandwich.

  • Okay Evil Beet ,I’ll confess. When I first saw the picture I knew it was Gabourey Sidibe
    Never once was I fooled by the sunglasses
    Hats of the paparazzi for figuring it out! That’s about as polite as I can be at the moment.
    @ Malia. I hope you email your comment to Gabby, self love is definitely the place to start. I wonder how she feels every time she looks at her plate? Shame though, she is very young.

    • You’re good at the celebrity spotting. My first guess was Naomi Campbell, before Beet informed me otherwise.

  • Haven’t seen “Precious”, but I’ve seen this lady around, how could I miss her? She’s uber fat, and needs to lose chingos of weight. She’ll be dead within 5-7 years going like this. I’m sure she’s tried diets in the past, but sometimes the best thing is quitin’ eatin’.

  • Really Dizzle? Maybe someone should tell her because I’m sure she doesnt know that. Better yet, why don’t you report this amazing breakthrough to the press?

    This just in! Dizzle figures out that if you quit eating you won’t get fat. Simple!

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  • yeah thats what i want, to get chummy with a bunch of online fattys, older younger dating site, good move

  • i’m very pleased to see a positive post about gabby here, especially after the nasty one about her being ‘ugly.’ yes she’s big, but she’s also a human being. i think she’s talented, and yes, beautiful.

    chris farley was hilarious and john goodman is brilliant. many famous men have gotten a free pass about their weight and their overall physical appearance. why is everybody so uniquely focused on this one actor’s weight?