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Jennifer Aniston’s Legs Have a New Movie Out

I think The Bounty Hunter looks terrible. I think everyone thinks The Bounty Hunter looks terrible. But none of that matters right now, because JENNIFER ANISTON’S LEGS LOOK AMAZING . I would say she looks 100% perfect here at the Bounty Hunter premiere in London, but I think I might not like that jacket with that dress. I couldn’t tell you for sure, though, because I cannot stop looking at her legs long enough to think about anything else.

Gerard Butler was there too. I think. I wouldn’t recognize him for sure right now unless his face was painted on Jennifer Aniston’s legs.

Somewhere in Italy, Angelina Jolie’s little twig legs just started to quiver, and she thought to herself, “Hm. Brad hasn’t made my legs shake since that whole disaster with the beard. I betcha Jennifer Aniston’s somewhere in public getting a lot of attention for her legs.”

OK, enough talking out of me. I’m off to the gym, where I will tack this photo to the treadmill and run for an hour.

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  • Jennifer Anniston could make her next fortune writing a book called How to be Healthy in Hollywood. Except it might involve a few personal chefs, private Pilates instructors, hair and wardrobe stylists, therapists…

    Okay, maybe just a cookbook and exercise book – I’d be more interested in her point of view than in Gyneth’s.

  • yep, angelina jolie definitely has twig legs. i’m glad someone acknowledges this other than me. it seems like everyone thinks she’s perfect.

  • I don’t listen to critics…there have been many movies that critics threw under the bus, and I absolutely I’ll wait and see for myself, it looks like Jen and gerry had a blast making it…she always looks great!!!

  • She is so hot it kills me. I love that she’s fit-hot instead of decrepit-stick-hot. It’s a shame she still plays Rachel in everything she does. They could at least change her hair… ugh.