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Cindy Crawford’s Extortionist to Spend Two Years in Jail

Man, this was such a weird story. Remember when some dude was trying to sell pictures of Cindy Crawford’s 7-year-old daughter bound to a chair and gagged? (It was part of a game of Cops & Robbers.) Every single news outlet he approached passed on the photos because there is apparently still a shred of dignity in celebrity journalism. Then he tried repeatedly to get money out of Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber in exchange for the return of the photos. You can read our full story on it here.

Anyway, the gross dude, Edis Kayalar, an aspiring model, was sentenced to two years behind bars by a German court.

In a statement Wednesday, Crawford and Gerber said, “We want to express our gratitude to the FBI, the U.S. District Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles and the German law-enforcement authorities for their coordination and efforts in this case.”

Kayalar, an aspiring German model, was charged with one count of extortion in U.S. District Court in November and surrendered to German authorities one week later. His case was tried overseas because Germany does not extradite its nationals.

Ew, I’m glad this grossness is over. Good riddance to you, jackass. The sad thing is that you’re kind of hot, and I’d probably be happy if you hit on me in a bar, until someone came over and was like, “Hey, uh, Beet? You know that’s the guy who tried to blackmail Cindy Crawford with pictures of her 7-year-old daughter bound and gagged? You know that, right?” And suddenly you would be NOT AT ALL HOT.

Peddling photos of pre-pubescent children in bondage acts = getting laid by a fellow adult FAIL

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