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Marry/Dump/Date: Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and Leona Lewis

The Brit Awards were last night in London and you may notice a common theme between its female attendees: They’re all dressed crazy. I thought that this would be a perfect time to play a game of Marry/Dump/Date (you may know it as F**k/Marry/Kill, but we don’t need to be that graphic.) It’s easy! Just take a look at Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and Leona Lewis in their crazy getups from last night and figure out in your head which one you’d marry, which one you’d dump and which one you’d like to date. Ladies can play this game just as well as men, so I thought I’d let you know that I’d totally marry Lily, date Gaga and then sadly, dump Leona. I’m telling ya, this game can be hard.

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  • Lady Gaga is a definate date. She is so innovative and has a wonderful voice. The ‘Bad Romance,’ video is provacative and unsettling to watch. It’s like a trainwreck. One simply can’t take their ‘normal’ eyes off her.
    Mmm… can’t we just kill Lily Allen and Leona Lewis. Just saying.

  • I’m all about me some Lady Gaga. She presents music in the modern idiom. I’m really waiting for her brother,Sir Googoo, to break out.

  • marry Lily, date Gaga, dump Leona (same as Molls)
    now if its the other version… fuck Gaga, marry Lily, kill Leona (I never liked her)

  • Oooh this is difficult. I usually love GaGa, but in this outfit, I would be running as fast as I could away from her. Of course the outfit could be removed. Leona- if I have to hear “Bleeding Love” again, I just might kill MYSELF. And as far as I can tell Lily Allen is a total idiot. So remove GaGa’s outfit, fuck her, and kill the other two? Or else marry GaGa and dump Lily and Leona.

  • Excellent Molls! My fantasy lineup would be the same…Lily is looking freakishly put together yet edgy (and who doesn’t love a third nipple?! LOL), Gaga…I would like to find out if there are boy bits somewhere under those crazy outfits and/or if she is secretly Elton John in drag. Leona? Her J-Lo old school space age makeup and ponytail are boring! And where has she been lately? If I’m gonna do any marrying or dating, you better be HOT, exciting and worthy of a headline or two. Leona = Boring so Dump! Now if she and her mentor/guru/advisor Simon Cowell started bangin’ I could bump her up into “date status.”

  • Molls, if you are responsible for the little “tool tips” or whatever they’re called that tell us who is in the picture, then I take back the snarky comment I just made in another post.

  • I love Lady Gaga’s absurd outfits. This one actually looks comfortable. I would wear it around the house during winter.

    Also, I agree with you, Molls, except that I would probably marry Lady Gaga and date Lily Allen. I am not sure that Lily Allen and I would be compatible for marriage. At least with Lady Gaga, I probably would not get in trouble for sleeping with other men.

  • Marry Gaga- we’re already married, Date Leona- she’s sweet and pretty and uber-talented, Dump Lily- she annoys the fuck out of me

  • Lily looks like She-ra.
    Gaga looks like a tri-layer cake with her head as the topper.
    Leona’s dress looks homemade.
    Hideous outfits.
    WTF were they thinking???

  • I think Lady Gaga would make an awesome date, lover, and wife. I came to this conclusion by listening to her interviews more than watching her performances. Her performance is just a personna. The real Lady Gaga has a heart of gold and a mind like a philosopher. She is really not that attractive in person but her beauty is in her details.

  • On that note (Rob) a person that’s willing to act so superficial for the sake of money, & attention, could not be so real or down to earth. You’re message is clear, & while it is a nice praise, Lady Gaga is telling the public that they are mindless enough to tap into this phony persona. Nice try though….