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Quotables: Amy Winehouse Gives ‘Glee’ Some Love

“How cool is Glee? it’s funny shit reminds me of school…Wicked that they did rehab sounds the nuts. Thanks Glee.”

— Winehouse gushes on Glee and its cast, whose rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” is currently number two on the U.K. singles chart (saywha?!)

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    • Why do you have a thing against English people? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you call them that. And it’s called English, because the language CAME FROM ENGLAND – it was America who copied them. Us Americans owe pretty much everything to that country. Grow up.

      (Also, I’m guessing you have a pretty small dick if you are constantly trolling on a GOSSIP website. Oh dear God, I bet you were picked on in high school.)

      • Good post Anon. What do I have against English people? Nothing more than George Washington, whose relations with Englishmen was measured by cannon volley and musket fire.

        “Us Americans.” Go kill yourself.

      • Thank you! It’s WE AMERICANS, you idiot! It doesn’t take a freaking rocket scientist to figure this shit out.

        “Us is gonna owed errthang to dem English folks.” That’s how dumb you sounded.

        Also, English was originally brought to Britain by Norsemen. It didn’t just POP up one day in England. And America didn’t “steal” it. Americans owe England nothing, seeing as they won that war….what was it called? OH YEAH! The American Revolution!!!

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  • but theres also a crap version of ice ice baby featuring vanilla ice in the english charts aswell. not a lot can be said for our taste in music

    • Not much can be said for your choices of PM, too. The dour, crybaby Scotsman, really? No wonder Obama snubs him and your 3rd rate island.

      • it seems like you feel you know enough about British politics to make fun of us there. but its clear you do not. as we didnt actually elect that crybaby scotsman. whereas Bush was elected twice

      • You elected the party. You got the dunce. Yes, we did elect Bush, twice. We elected every president, including he aforementioned Geo. Washington and Ole Hickory, who killed more of you Jacobites than the plague. (OK, maybe some liberties taken with that last statement.)