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Johnny Depp Thinks Polanski Arrest is Fishy

Aw, you guys love it when we talk about Roman Polanski. OK, let’s do this!

Ever since Roman Polanski has started to be held accountable for drugging and sodomizing a 13-year old girl and then running from the law for several decades, many celebrities and filmmakers have come out in his support. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where people are not only boycotting Polanski, but they’re boycotting the people that are boycotting his arrest. I’m sad to say this, but you can add Johnny Depp to the list of people who don’t “get” why someone would go to jail/be accountable for child rape.

The actor spoke to The Independent about his opinion of Polanski, whom he worked with him on the 1999 film The Ninth Gate. Not only does he think that Polanski doesn’t deserve to be serving time, but he thinks that “something fishy” must be going on. He said, “Why now? Obviously there is something going on somewhere. Somebody has made a deal with someone. Maybe there was a little money involved, but why now?” Because maybe another decade would have been too long? IDK!

He continues on to make a completely pointless argument for the director’s freedom: “Roman is not a predator. He’s 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street.” But that’s not the problem! No one thinks he’s raping his kids or out doing psychedelic drugs at Jack Nicholson’s house! It wouldn’t have mattered if Ted Kazinski moved to a luxury high-rise in the heart of Downtown Chicago, right? He’s still be the crazy man who used to live in the woods and make bombs and like, kill people.

I hate to even bring this up because it just feels tired, but if celebrities are going to so boldly defend Roman Polanski because they love his work, then they need to apply the same attitude to Michael Jackson or anyone with an unsavory past who did great work. But they can’t. People say they love Michael and then make a face when his molester-status gets mentioned, but Polanski spoken about like a God. There’s no shame in these people loving him, and that’s what’s so concerning.

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  • Very good post Molls. I’m just glad that I can add another reason to the list of why I really don’t like Johnny Depp.

    • Agreed. Johnny Douche. Nobody cares about what this idiot thinks. Hollywood fucks should follow the Elvis rule – “Whatta ya’ askin’ me for, I’m just an entertainer, uuh, huh.”

  • I think sometimes the arguments supporting Roman Polanski are a bit oversimplified… Like be Pro-Roman Polanski is like being Pro-Child Rape.

    Like. I know that he did something wrong… very very wrong. But I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to burn the dude at the stake. In reality, there was some weird stuff that went on with his trial… and I think he HONESTLY felt he had no option but to flee the country at the time…

    I’m sure *I* will be burned at the stake for saying that, but like… Imagine you committed a crime… and you knew it was wrong and you were perfectly willing to take the punishment for that crime, as outlined by the law… only you come to realise at a certain point that the person handing out the punishment isn’t really abiding by the letter of the law anymore…

    I tend to think that’s what happened with him… and I can’t say that I wouldn’t flee as well… in the situation he was in.

    • Good point, and quite true. A deal/plea bargain had been worked out which the judge then decided to reject for his own preference as to what should happen. Whether one agrees with the plea-bargain or not, it was struck to protect the identity of the minor, and Polanski agreed to it, but the judge in the case wanted to impose a harsher sentence regardless of what the lawyers had worked out. Plus in the interim, his victim sued him and got a $600,000 award. It’s not as black-and-white as it’s presented, and I am tired of the attitude that if you have any sympathy for Polanski, you are just one step away from lobbying for a national Child Molester’s Day.

      • Even if the legal system was sketchy, rape is undeniably awful. The fact of the matter is, he changed this woman’s life in a terrible way and hasn’t paid for his crime. I don’t hate him for fleeing, but I hate what he did to that girl and he deserves to spend time behind bars for what he did, regardless of how long ago the crime was committed. This ‘sketchy legal system issue’ is something he’ll just have to take up with the courts, not something that his celebrity friends can make a case about in the papers.

      • Yeay, but having sympathy for Polanski is having sympathy for a man who sodomizes 13 year old girls and acts contrite about it telling the world they were “jealous”.

        So yeah. It is about a step and a half away from a good old fashioned NABLA style Child Molesters Day.

        Sorry if that cramps your style.
        But maybe you should think twice about being a rape apologist.

      • Sorry none of your arguments hold water.

        1. This is about rape. It’s beyond molestation. Roman Polanski vaginally raped and sodomized a 13-year-old. And she repeated said,”NO.” She testified to the Grand Jury that she was frightened of Polanski.
        2. Roman Polanski plead “Guilty” to the charge of “Unlawful Sex with a Minor”
        3. In a criminal case, the judge is not bound to adhere to the terms of the plea agreement. A judge is free to ignore the plea deal altogether and sentence the defendant as he/she sees fit. There was nothing wrong with Judge Ritterbrand decision to reject the terms of Polanski’s plea agreement.
        4. The law protects mot just the victim, but the citizens of the state. So, whether or not Geimer was compensated by Polanski is irrelevant to the criminal proceedings against Polanski.

        So yeah, if you defend Polanski you advocating for child rapists. I’m sure Roman would welcome the chance to babysit your daughter or niece at his chalet in Switzerland. Would you take him up on it if he offered?

    • i totally agree! not to mention the fact that the details of what actually went down are really hazy. allegedly, he didn’t know how old she was, they had been working together, they were on LOTS of drugs, and…it wasnt a clean cut rape case. the whole thing IS fishy. bottom line is, none of you were there that day and i think its a little unfair to condemn any actors/actresses that feel the need to take a closer look at the case and its details before writing polanski off as a cold blooded child molester

      • “wasn’t a clean cut rape case” He copped a plea admitting he knew the girl was 13. You are the dumbest fuck in the entire history of the Internet.

      • Oh, I’m sorry perhaps you have not read the Grand Jury testimony at Smoking Gun. I’ll quote a choice passage for you:

        Q. What do you mean by intercourse?
        A. He placed his penis in my vagina.
        Q. What did you say if anything before he did that?
        A. I was mostly just on and off saying, “No, stop.”

        That sounds like a clear cut case of rape to me. Care to hear anymore? Because it gets much worse. My personal fav is when Polanski asks how long ago it was that Samantha had her period so that he can figure out if she’s ovulating. When she says she can’t remember, Polanski switches from vaginal rape to anal rape. That Polanski sure is a classy guy.

      • “none of you were there that day”
        Great logic there. I’m removing Hitler, Manson, Stalin, Bundy, Bernie Madoff, Victor Salva and a bunch of others from my “people I detest list” because I wasn’t there.

        As far as whether or not it was “a clean cut rape case”, they don’t get much more “clean cut” than this one.

      • Good one!

        No matter what anyone says (Whoopie, Johnnie, etc), having sex with a 13 year old is rape under every circumstance. I don’t care if “she wanted it”, or there were lots of drugs. She was a child.

  • Speaking as a person who suffered sexual abuse from the ages of 11-17 I can’t begin to describe the havoc something like that wreaks on your adult life. He needs to go to prison for what he did. I don’t give a shit if it was 30+ years ago. A crime is a crime. Do you think he wonders every day who he was supposed to be? I promise you that when something like this happens to a person it completely changes the course of their life. They will no longer be the person life intended them to be. It is a life altering crime and he should pay the price.

    • Time will never heal those wounds. It’s never too late for someone to be held accountable for their sins.

  • Agreed. For all those people who argue that the victim involved doesn’t want this to go on…let me just remind you that at this point, what she wants is a moot point. It’s not the victim v. Polanski, it’s the State v. Polanski. Just because a crime is committed and the victim doesn’t want to go along with the trial, doesn’t mean a crime didn’t take place or that the predator (because lets call a spade a spade) doesn’t deserve punishment.

    Yes, the judge was shady, but if the argument is that we should wash away the sins of the defendant for the sake of a corrupt and fame hungry judge 30+ years ago, then we’d be talking about a lot more than just ol’ Roman Polanski.

    I’m a big fan of executing child predators. They are a cancer on our society and the only way to get rid of a tumor is to cut it out. However, I know that no one is going to suggest such a thing for this guy (after all, he’s a Hollywood legend), I think chemical castration would be a good start.

    • I agree 100%. I am also an advocate of executing child predators. I believe that there is something wrong with them that can not be fixed or reformed or rehabilitated.

      I would be interested to know what Mr. Depp’s opinion on this matter would be if this were his young daughter, Lily, that had been drugged and raped. I’m guessing he would feel differently.

      • I don’t think molesters should be executed, necessarily, but locked up for life. I was sexually abused growing up and was never given anything close to $600,000 like this woman. I didn’t get shit, and I didn’t expect anything either. All I got was some court-appointed counseling (that I had to pay for), and the man was put in prison for 5 years. It was the state vs. him, and never about me. This whole issue of them trying to make it about the woman vs. Polanski is absolutely ridiculous.

  • “people are not only boycotting Polanski, but they’re boycotting the people that are boycotting his arrest.” – other than alliteration with the repeated use of ‘boycotting,’ this sentence actually makes no sense. But, yes, we do know what you mean.
    “whom he worked with him on the 1999 film The Ninth Gate” Huh?
    Ted Kazinski = Really spelled Ted Kaczynski. You could at least research & spell his name correctly if you’re going to invoke it in your argument.
    “He’s still be the crazy man..” Huh?
    “People say they love Michael and then make a face when his molester-status gets mentioned, but Polanski spoken about like a God.” Really? Do people smile when Polanski’s child crime case is mentioned? Is your implied argument that Michael Jackson lacks for apologists, in life and/or in death? One would find it nearly impossible to mount a reasonable argument that Michael Jackson lacks for apologists, in life and/or in death.
    The world over, even in the entertainment world, there are way more people who’ll sweep under the rug anything involving MJ and child molestation allegations than there are Polanski apologists. Also, for better or for worse (and I realize things are not as simple as this), Polanski was convicted of a crime against a minor, MJ was not.
    Johnny Depp is Roman Polanski’s friend and raises valid points – it is peculiar that a country that hosted and feted Polanski for years, suddenly decided to throw him in jail on a visit. Without weighing in on the requisite justice for his crime, the man is 75 or 76 and has been left alone for decades, only to be taken in now. It’s not like he has been in hiding or slipped up by going somewhere where he knew he would be taken into custody. It’s not too far-fetched to wonder if some sort of hidden agenda has now come into play. And like Holly mentions, there were some shady circumstances surrounding Polanski’s original conviction that make this less than a black and white case study.
    At no point does Johnny Depp say or imply that Roman Polaski’s crime and/or conviction are not serious. Nor does he so much as imply the deification approach that you mention celebrities are taking with Polanski.

    • 1. You’re annoying. Stop stripping apart every sentence in some passive aggressive bullshit way. If you want to dig, fucking dig. Molls can take it, and she’d probably appreciate it a hell of a lot more than this pussy footing bullshit you’re trying to pull.

      2. Stop being a rape apologist. You can call shady circumstances surrounding his conviction. But I’m okay with that due to shady circumstances surrounding Polanski sticking his penis in a child’s anus without consent.

    • I knew that my comment would likely not resonate with the Beet majority, but the feedback was weaker than I expected. I ended up with the equivalent of a name caller and someone who slaps fellow students on the back of the neck on the playground and then runs (douche).
      The best thing I apparently did for you, Ren, entailed giving you the word “apologist” to use as a battering ram to demonize anyone who disagrees with your point of view.

      Molls’ post succeeded insofar as it started another Polanski “conversation,” but other than the heated rhetoric contained therein, it’s a mess, overall. It’s weak on supporting its points, dubious in its examples (really, the Unabomber?), undisciplined in its focus, dubious in its conclusions, and not particularly well written.

      • Certainly you are aware you did not create the word ‘apologist’? It has been around for some time now. In fact, it was around before you or I used it. Furthermore, if you take offense to being called one, perhaps you should stop publicly apologizing on behalf of child rapists. Seems like a fair trade to me.

        And before you criticize somebody’s writing… Really? Let’s take our own look:
        “Molls’ post succeeded insofar as it started another Polanski “conversation,” but other than the heated rhetoric contained therein, it’s a mess, overall. It’s weak on supporting its points, dubious in its examples (really, the Unabomber?), undisciplined in its focus, dubious in its conclusions, and not particularly well written.”

        Here’s a tip: commas are not periods. You’re writing is extremely difficult to read not because it contains 3 dollar words. But like Dogberry you have a habit of throwing them around in the wrong order and cluttering up a thought. Also worth noting: when you’re redundant you strip words of their inherent value. Your use of ‘dubious’ shows a direct lack of discipline and thesaurus. Not particularly well written, indeed.

        But nice try, pumpkin.

      • Actually, your criticisms are incorrect, but nice try. My use of commas was fine, grammatically. Also, my use of ‘dubious’ was as well. I thought about not reusing “dubious” but didn’t feel that I needed to use a different word just to show that I know another word with a similar meaning.
        As for “apologist,” I didn’t mean to imply that I created the word, only that you adopted it from my first post because you deemed it a good tool for your demonizing. Not to pat myself on the back, but both of my previous posts were well written.
        As for being an “apologist,” I haven’t shared my feelings on the Polanski matter. Just the fact that I could read through the fire and brimstone in many responses to the matter to form a coherent, collected response that was something other than a fire breathing Polanski response was apparently enough for you.
        I’m amused that you haven’t been able to successfully undermine anything specific in anything I’ve said, but you’re enamored with the idea of being able to.
        Nice try, peach.

      • P.S. I bet you were pissed that your “masterpiece” was ruined by a sloppy use of “you’re.” Or did you even notice?
        You need to maybe stop reading English language writing if, as you say, “you’re writing is extremely difficult to read.”

  • I like it when people try to follow the ‘don’t end a sentence with a preposition’ rule. Nobody talks that way (except pedants like me), but for some reason I like it.

    So extra points for trying, but “The actor spoke to The Independent about his opinion of Polanski, whom he worked with him on the 1999 film The Ninth Gate.” Should have been: “… with whom he worked on the 1999 film The Ninth Gate.”

  • Crimes against children by adults should always be considered reprehensible and perpetrators should never be given a pass. Polanski should go to jail.

  • This guy is a RAPIST – Mr Depp – listen – A RAPIST!! Just because he makes “good” films doesn’t alter the fact he’s a pervert. Any adult person doing this vile and unimaginable thing to children not only wants jail time but needs certain parts of his anatomy removing – with a spoon!!!

      it was proved that they had sex, but as far as the rape goes, its pretty much a she says he says situacion.
      And considering she had prior experience with drugs and sex, i think she should not be considered a child. Also, i am female and in my teens and really wouldnt mind getting high and havin sex with an incredibly talented guy like polansky. as far as im concerned this argument is not RAPE SUPPORTING because it wasnt even proved to be rape. so what you are saying, basicly, is that you want to kill(in the comments above), chemicly castrate, remove some shriveld old genitalia WITH A SPOON and we are talking of a 76 year old man! WHO HAS MADE SOME OF THE BEST MOVIES IVE EVER SEEN, and has a FAMILY and it has been 30 YEARS since the MAYBE rape was comited. i find your comens really odd and very very hateful and above all, ridiculous. look at the fact, read up on it and come back and coment.

      • It’s statutory rape you dumbass. Doesn’t matter if she wanted to have sex with him, or not.

      • If whether you want to have sex with someone or not constitutes statutory rape, then that would make you one of the biggest rapists on the fucking planet, ebd.

      • Yes, since his movies are “SOME OF THE BEST MOVIES I’VE EVER SEEN,” that’s cleary a good enough reason to let him get away with rape. And beetdouche is totally right, it was statuatory rape, you fucking moron. 13 year old girls cannot be sodomized by old, creepy men simply because they think they “want to.” Seriously, have you never watched Law & Order or heard about criminal trials on the radio or in the newspaper? There’s no such thing as “MAYBE RAPE.”

        I really feel bad for you since you are a “female teenager who would like to have sex and do drugs with a talented guy like Polanski.” Your parents must be really great people to raise a wonderful young lady like you.

      • Do you really believe that a 13 year old is mature enough to consent to sex with a 40+ year old man? Give me a fucking break.

  • Anonymous: When you say you’re in your teens and wouldn’t mind having sex and trying drugs with someone – it doesn’t MATTER!! The law is the law. And your comment about considering this girl had experience with drugs and sex – WTF??? Is it OK to be raped then because she’s had sex before and tried drugs. This guy is 76 NOW sure – we supposed to feel sorry for him?? He deserves to be punished for BREAKING THE LAW. Regardless if he’d made some of the best movies you’ve ever seen. What sort of comment is that… let him off ‘cos he makes great films. I don’t need to read up on it.. Rape is rape – whatever you say doesn’t really alter the reality of it.

  • I have a feeling neither he or the girl remembered much of it as soon as it was over, they were both so high. Everyone in Hollywood gets to fuck underage girls and boys. It’s a given.

  • It is clean cut rape, he ADMITTED it. He drugged her too. What part of that is so hard for people to understand? If Johnny Depp doesn’t think Roman should be punished then ask him how he would feel if his own daughter were drugged and raped by some perv. Would you be so forgiving then Johnny? Would you be defending him if he weren’t a director? Would you defend him if he were a garbage man?

  • Johnnie Depp needs to wake up. I have heard about the goings on of Roman Polanski for years, way before Depp got to be popular… Just because Depp thinks something’s fishy and asking “why now?” doesn’t make it not so. We all know how the court system works and Polanski has been running and dodging the law for years and years. I hope they castrate this pedeophille!!!!!! Just because he is now old and Depp thinks Polanski treats his children right doesn’t condone Polanski’s bedding a 13 yr old girl. I heard about that years ago Depp…. does that make me fishy too??? WAKE UP DEPP, Polanski is guilty of these charges.

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    City On Fire,and it should be an action/suspense movie,and the beginning of this movie should start like this:

    One early Monday morning while riding to work in New York City,on the subway train,you were reading the newspaper,then a strange guy approached you(Johnny Depp),and asked you if he can borrow some cash from you(Mr Johnny Depp).But you(Johnny Depp),told the strange guy that you did not have any money on you,so the guy got angry because you did not give him any money,then he took a knife out from his pants pocket,and waved it at you(Mr Johnny Depp),so then you(Johnny Depp),got really pissed off at this jerk,and you kicked him,a few times,in his stomach,and the name of this strange guy was Ben Stewart.Then after you(Johnny Depp) kicked Ben Stewart hard in his stomach,he called some of his friends on his cellular phone,to join him(Ben Stewart) on the train,so Ben’s friends said that they were coming.Then you (Johnny Depp)got off the train,and started walking to your office in downtown New York City.So you arrived at your job safely,and got to work on a project that you had to finish at the end of the day.Then around the afternoon time at approximately 12:00pm in the afternoon,while you were about to head out for lunch,you(Johnny Depp) received a strange phone call in your office,from Ben Stewart(the jerk from off of the train),
    who tried to attack you,earlier that morning,and Ben Stewart told you(Mr Johnny Depp),that he knows where you work,and that he wanted all of your money,that you had in the bank,and Ben Stewart also said that he had people working for him in the same building that you work in,and if you(Johnny Depp)called the police,he(Ben Stewart),will set the whole 15 floor Office Building that you work in on fire,and he will cause more trouble,then 3 seconds after Ben Stewart told you(Johnny Depp)all of this,another phone rings just across the room on a different table,in your office,so you rush to get it,then when you(Johnny Depp) answered this other phone call,another strange creep,told you(Johnny Depp),not to call the police,because he knows where you are,in the building,so then,you(Johnny Depp)told this other creep,that you have guns,and that you(Mr Johnny Depp) will shoot him,12 times,if he ever called you(Johnny Depp) again.So then you(Johnny Depp)hang up the phones,and head out to lunch.And on your(you,Johnny Depp’s)way out you encounter Ben Stewart outside of your office building,talking to 4 other creeps,so he(Ben Stewart) tells you(Johnny Depp)that he’s gonna blow the buildings up,then you(Johnny Depp),yells at Ben Stewart,and then you(Mr Johnny Depp)arranges a meeting with Mr Ben Stewart and his group of thugs,to meet up later that day.But don’t worry Mr Johnny Depp,because,you(Johnny Depp) is the hero and the leading star in this movie,and you will destroy Ben Stewart and beat him at his own game in the ending of this action/suspense film.So after you(Johnny Depp),finished arranging this meeting,you(Johnny Depp)head to lunch,with your girlfriend,and her name is Bridgette McClosky,but little does Ben Stewart know,that you have other big plans to destroy him and his gang of pals,so now it’s up to you(Johnny Depp),to save the building that you work in from being destroyed by Ben Stewart and his thugs,and in the end you(Mr Johnny Depp)did save the building and the people that worked there as well as yourself.