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Casey Johnson Buried Without a Tila In Sight

Casey Johnson (seen above with some of her old BFFs, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and Kim Kardashian), was laid to rest today in New Jersey. Though the cause of her death is still undetermined (ehhhh… for the record, anyway), her family and friends remembered her in a private, open casket ceremony. There are more memorials being planned for the upcoming weeks.

One person was noticeably missing from the ceremony was Casey’s fiancee, Tila Tequila. According to sources close to Tila (probably herself) she was devastated that Casey’s family didn’t treat their relationship like a real union and hurt that they shut her out of funeral plans. Meanwhile, Tila has been Twittering up a storm and pointing fingers at everybody she can. Her Twitter, it really is one of the most fascinating things out there these days.

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  • Tila is dellusional trailer-trash to even conceive for a moment that the Johnson family would acknowledge her “relationship” with Casey.

  • I had a look on her twitter…Tila Tequila is a proper nutter!!
    WTF is she going on about, about a baby??

  • Question: Why is it that the hideously rich girls (or girls with hideously rich fathers) always dress like cheap, tarted up little whores when they can easily afford $4000 dresses that can make them look at least half decent?

  • That pic is like Bimbo Summit II.

    Didn’t J&J make a good facial scrub? You know, one that washes away lassitude and emptiness?

  • Open casket? Seriously? I heard her body was in an advanced state of decomposition, lying for days unnoticed and all.

    • Human bodies don’t generally visually decay (on the outside) that quickly when we’re dead. Casey Johnson was only dead for a few days when found. Human (and animal) dead bodies just start to smell like well, death, pretty quickly without refrigeration, embalming, or taxidermy (creepy, I know).

  • Tila Tequila’s twitter is fascinating. It’s like what my twitter would have been like when I was five year’s old and my cocker spaniel got ran over.