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Sarah Jessica Parker

“It has taken me three years to decide on the scent because I really like BO and I think it’s sexy. I wanted to figure out a way to make it palatable to everybody. I was like, ‘How do you get BO in a bottle and make an atomiser of it?’ Then it was all about trying to capture the sense of naughtiness in a bottle that it would be good for a man and a woman.”

– Sarah Jessica Parker explains how she developed her new fragrance.

Because don’t we all just want to shower and put on deodorant and then spray something on ourselves that makes it smell like none of that ever happened?

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  • That… that has to be the single stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Sarah Jessica Parker broke my brain. What the hell.

  • Sounds like a bad SNL skit. How ’bout one called “Non Douché”? I let you guess the concept for that fragrance.

  • You’re not thinking of the possibilities here, Molls. Once this stuff hits the market, if you don’t have time for a shower one day you can just say,
    “Oh, yeah. It’s SJP’s new fragrance. Isn’t it great?”

  • i don’t think she means sweat, just that natural kind of scent a person has.. you knowm, like musk. hmm..

  • Oh yeah, I know she likes “off smells.” That’s why she is stabled with all the other horses….oooh get me a bucket of oats Wilbur!!!! Neeeigh!!!

    What an ugly horse of a woman(?)!

  • No one else gets turned on by a good sweaty scent? Someone clean? You all must eat a lot of onion, garlic, meat and spice.

    You both shower, have sex; THAT SMELL that smells fucking good.

    Sweaty, unwashed, layers of bad B.O. is foul.

    Get with the program people: so uptight! Anyway this has already been done by some gay dude years ago…look it up.

    Also look up comme de garcons : they sell perfume based on BURNT RUBBER or LIGHTBULB etc.

  • Ah, herein lies the difference between perfumistas and the people who just “want to smell clean”. People who know about fragrance understand what she’s talking about. It’s like Jacques Guerlain, who made some of the most famous classical fragrances of all time –Shalimar to name one– once said. He wanted his perfumes to smell like all three holes of the underside of his mistress.

    SJP gets major credit for having one of the only interesting celebrity perfume lines out there –the other is Alan Cumming’s who was designed by legendary nose Christopher Brosius– I think it’s just a lack of knowledge and vocabulary.