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Michael Jackson Dances in the Moonlight with Children

#4181069 EXCLUSIVE… ‘Moonrise’, by artist David Nordahl.

Commissioned by Michael Jackson and painted over a 17-year period, these unusual artworks reveal a whimsical and fantastical side to the late king of pop. Created by master painter David Nordahl in his Santa Fe, New Mexico studio, Jackson appears in a variety of intimate poses with half naked cherubs and reading stories to enthralled children. In one picture Jackson appears to resemble Michelangeloâ??s famous David, with bulging biceps and alabaster skin. One oil painting entitled, “Field of Dreams,” sees the 1980’s mega-star leading a menagerie of children across a yellow brick road scene. Refuting any suggestion that these portraits are sinister, David, 68, insists that these paintings reflect the vivid imagination and sense of humour of Jackson, who died this June, aged 50.
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