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Michael Jackson Dances in the Moonlight with Children

FINALLY! TMZ just broke that this Monday the FBI will be releasing 333 pages of what were once sealed documents relating to Michael Jackson. Most of the new information will pertain to the 1993 and 2004 molestation cases that Jackson was involved in. Unfortunately, the details on his death are remaining sealed, but there’s no question that whatever we read on Monday is going to be completely explosive.

The FBI has opened sealed documents from celebrity cases before. Just recently they unsealed documents relating to Anna Nicole Smith’s alleged attempt to have J. Howard Marshall II murdered. While there is something to be said for respecting the privacy of the deceased individual, it’s stories like this that we all follow and become invested in over time. Michael Jackson probably wouldn’t be thrilled about these documents being open to the public, but for anyone out there who has been wondering for almost two decades about the molestation and extortion attempts, this is a chance to gain some insight and base their opinion on fact.

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