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Nick Jonas

“I’m not going to lie about it. I carry a satchel too. It’s like a man purse. It’s a whole thing.”

– Nick Jonas, after admitting he gets pedicures, also admits to carrying a murse (man purse just feels like a mouthful) on the just-cancelled It’s On with Alexa Chung.

Yes! He’s finally out and open about his feminine side. OK, perfect. Now all we’re waiting on for him to finally admit is that he’s actually a Jonas Sister and he used to go by the name Nicole. We’re so close you guys! I bet this is what it felt like right before we landed on the moon.

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  • molls this is your best post in a while. Very funny! Well written. See what your capable of when you are not drunk, high, or sleep deprived?

  • Molls, I always enjoy reading your comments and find is sad that there are some readers who only focus on any mistakes you may make. How small their world must be to focus on something so insignificant. Now- this Jonas brother does seem a little too in touch with his feminine side and Disney will NOT allow him to disclose his sexuality while he is under contract.

  • Just a thought, not a criticism, cause I like ya :) but he may carry his diabetes supplies in it. They are numerous and it might be easier for him…

  • Ugh…but Jo Sis just doesn’t roll off my tongue like Jo Bro…

    I’m sure she looks like quite the little lady when she straightens her hair though.

  • Yup he is very much a dlick! (chick with a dick) I am glad Alexa Chung is canceled, she is so annoying! She never lets anybody finish a sentence……….Too much cocaine?

  • i am the sister of jonas so fuck of and leave me,kevin,joe<3 and nick alone and by the way yous how are reading this why dont you fuck your self and go and watch some porn videos and get your boyfriend to fuck you
    love lily 5 years old xxxxx

  • I’m new to this blog, and I think that most of you’re articles are witty, insightful and interesting.
    Then there are articles like this one, which is like “Uhm, let’s like laugh at him, ‘cause he’s girly!” Disappointing.

  • i would leave the jonas brothers alone wow ur such a fucking buly its sad go fuking talk shit about justin bieber if you had musical genious like most people ud no there an amazing band and there amazing guys you just jealous so why dont you shut the fuck up you imature little ass