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Sorry, y’all, I didn’t mean for this to be J&K day around here, but I posted on my Twitter and my Facebook about my thoughts when I finally watched (part of) the Jon & Kate Plus Eight finale from Monday night, and I got a billion responses like “You better put that clip on your website!” So, here it is.

I mean, is it slander to say Jon Gosselin is on a shitload of cocaine during this interview when it’s clearly the truth? It would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad. I like the part around 4:15 where he’s twitching and rambling about how he stupidly moved to the Upper West Side when everyone knows the best blow is on the Lower East Side, and that’s a mistake he certainly won’t make again. But it’s nice that he can escape to his “country house.” I get that he and TLC are at war right now, but that’s not a very good reason to show up to his final interview snowplowed out of his gourd. That’s just like biting off your nose to spite your face. He’s gonna have to live with this for the rest of his life, and so are his children.

The whole thing is totally hilarious and worth a viewing if you can just push out of your mind the reality that this man is a father of eight.

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  • all jon spoke about was himself in this entire video where as kate would bring up the kids frequently. team kate!

  • hmmm, just b/c he’s talking a with a little more animation than his usual boring ass monotone means he’s on a “shitload of cocaine?”
    I hate to sound like a know it all but I not only have been within inches of people on it, but have been myself & I see none of the real signs…. I think he’s just trying to talk himself up and wants to get everything in in 30 minutes. God, I can’t wait to see his next endeavor to be famous FAIL.

    that being said, I’m going to miss those kids. The only reason I watched the show was for them.

    • Soo… I vote coked out. Can we vote? Make a poll please because if you have watched this show EVER Jon is like 10 million decibals below this shit. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW PEOPLE!!!!!! HE’S NOT COKED OUT WITH THE KIDS- just his normal everyday doucheness.

      • Kate has a show coming out in Spring 2010 and Jon is a fame/attention whore so no, it’s not done. It won’t be done until or unless people stop showing an interest in their trainwreck.

        Reality TV and greed ruins families :(

  • ok, I just started to watch Part 2, & he is not on coke but when they are making the posters he must be tripping to send Mady (who was never my favorite) in for being honest & then Cara who was just sitting there!!!!! This is right up there with the time Kate threw away a boy’s teddy bear b/c there was gum in it….

  • hey she got herself all invetrio fertilized preggo with too many babies then shoved her hapless husbands face into the frightening impossible task of controlling and managing her crappy mistake while he was kicked and stabbed in the back for not being strong as she was the boss, too weak when he was agreeable, and ridiculed when he was unable to support her huge family for the last six years or more, because she went out and got them ads and a TV gig and stayed by her side to help, not working apart, but then HELL SHE wouldn’t let him ….!?!?!

  • Beet, you have obviously never been around someone on a shitload of cocaine. He MIGHT have had a bump, but a shitload, hell no…

  • please tell me his name isn’t actually spelled “johnathon” like it is on the no-tlc-people sign on the fence.

  • how long is too long to kiss your daughter on the mouth? seriously, did that seem appropriate to anyone? i had several things to say about the interviews but that very last shot has rendered me practically speechless…

  • I don’t see the coke thing at all… thought it was just me. He looks like a guy who is trying to build himself up after being torn down all the time. And take a lot at most divorced men his age, his behavior is actually pretty “normal.” Not right but normal…

    I’m glad its over. I hope the kids are able to salvage at least part of their childhood out of the media.

  • Every time this guy opens his mouth he just makes a bigger a$$ of himself. He is a self absorbed loser. He constantly talks about the tabloids portray him as an idiot; well they have a lot to work with when he opens his mouth. I truly believe the outcome would have been the same whether he had 2 children or 20. He got married at 22 had twins at 23 and yet he never grew up. The only difference the sextuplets played in this is that he became known and paid a lot of money because of the show and now he wants it all. The freedom, the money, the media, and to see his kids when he wants to. Why do you think he gave Kate primary custody? He is not a father he is just a sperm donor!

  • You can tell it’s never really about the children based on these two talk. When asked a pointed question, they give a preconcieved, pointed answer that has to do with the kids.

    But when asked if any good has come out of the past 8 months, notice how not one thing was about the children, or how much they mean to her, or how they’re all she needs, or how THEY are. It wasn’t even really about how great her friends were. It was about how great it is to have them supporting HER.

    And Jon, could you hook me up with a gram by saturday? I gotta film the finale to my kid’s worst nightmare, F*ck, I don’t want to be sober for that, “youknowwhatI’msayin”?

  • Maybe if plus 8 hadn’t been the end of the title the two “adults” would have remembered the kids!
    Also Kate, sorry honey, but whoever the father of the kids chooses to be with will be a part of the lives of the kids even if you think it’s a meaningless relationship!

  • Yeah I have no idea how I ended up watching a few minutes of this and I thought the EXACT SAME THING. That man is ON SOMETHING. What was with all the licking of the lips? Grossness. I hate him. And if I ever see him I’m going to punch him in the face. Because he EPITOMIZES the horrible double standard of parenting that still exists in the 21st century. He can go out and diddle with a girl WAY too young for him while he has eight children hanging out with their mom. Talking about a “country home” as quaint while his REAL life (i.e. single life) is in NYC is disgusting. Until it’s just as morally outrageous for a father to do this as if a mother were to do it (if Kate were to do it we would burn her at the stake) then women should be allowed to have complete control over their reproductive organs. Jon just took every “nice” guy back a step…because you never know when that nice guy is going to turn on you and start donning Ed Hardy, snorting blow, and banging youngins for the helluvit.

  • Uh yeah Jon, perhaps you ought to stop “blaming” the paparazzi and tabloids when you yourself give them credit for forcing you to face the realization that “Whoa, I’m an adult and should probably have developed a sense of reflection and introspection, instead of blaming others for my chosen behaviour.”

    The reality is that Jon & Kate + 8 may have had their niche market of avid viewers, but, the tabloids didn’t know they existed until Jon began hitting up his local watering hole and let the whole world in on his midlife crisis. I would actually have sympathy for him if he wasn’t an attention-whore who only cries about unwanted attention when he’s not being paid for it…..

  • Really? Jon on coke? How about Kate on Lexapro or Zoloft? She is so fucking monotone and controlled and emotionless, what’s the difference? I don’t think Jon was on coke. I think for once he was able to get out all he wanted to say and act as animated as he wanted without that hell on wheels bitch squashing every bit of life and manhood out of him.

    Who knows what kind of man Jon could have been. I am a firm believer in women build the kind of man they want. (PS I am a woman.) If you want your man to be a douche, keep it up, humiliate him every chance you get. Take every chance you can to tear him down, disrespect him, etc. Kate did this for 5 + years on TLC in front of the country. Kate reaps what she sows. Every woman who does this to her man will reap it too. I am sick of women thinking that just because they have a vagina they are entitled to “everything” under the sun. Respect goes both ways.

    Let’s see how she does with those kids in 10 years. I can bet a True Hollywood Story in the making. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and she is one evil wicked woman.

  • This all just makes me very sad. I think deep down somewhere, both of them truly want the best for their children, but of course, with this situation, it IS about them and their separation. Most of what comes up is likely to sound self-centered because the divorce is not about their children, it’s about the two of them and their relationship.

  • I just ran to my window to check for flying pigs ’cause I never thought i’d see a man more selfish than my ex boyfriend…yet here we are. I’ll do the math for you: Jon (minus Kate) = the most selfish b@stard in the universe. She may have been bitchy to him on occasion but judging from this video he needed it! And to think i used to kinda feel bad for him when Kate treated him like one of the kids. Now I see that this woman knew what she was doing!

    I suddenly have this craving for cocaine laced bacon…how weird.

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