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Salt Trailer

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The first trailer is out for Salt starring Angelina Jolie.  This movie looks pretty entertaining if you’re into the CIA agent accused of being a spy type of plot.  It’s so tempting to say that Salt is a movie that’s peppered with action.  So.  Tempting.

I think the tentative release date for this flick is July 23, 2010 which makes you wonder:  How good can a movie be if the marketing blitz for a 2010 mid-summer release begins before Thanksgiving of the previous year?  Angie better hope that reptile jewelry line takes off!

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  • Salt, starring Angelina’s lips! Gawd, I feel like she has played this role over and over and over again. She was really good in the Daniel Pearl movie though. It’s nice when she does something different. She also needs to put on some weight. She’s looking haggard in the face.

    • I agree with your comment about the same kind of role, but she is pretty damn good at it though. It looks quite good actually.

      • I was coming to comment on that same thing! All her movie roles are completely the same. She bores me to no end.

    • true she does look haggard n a lil bit washed out. but she looks really beautiful in the poster. it’s bad when the photoshop done is too obvious

  • Yeah the trailer looked good, but the last movie I saw based on a good trailer was “Men who stare at goats”. It was a pretty bad movie.The best editors in the business build these trailers.

  • She’s the bomb.. you can’t take your eyes off her and her determined voice would freeze the antichrist.

  • Haven’t we seen this movie before? Oh right…Kevin Costner in No Way Out…or Matt ‘the man’ Damon in the Bourne movies? And I’m finding that Ms. Jolie is a two note actress – angry or sultry looking…changing her hair color doesn’t make her a good actress.

    And I agree with the above comments about her looking haggard – those lips need a little body fat to hold them up!