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Jodie Sweetin Is Sober FOREVER AND EVER Because She Wrote a Book

I shouldn’t be mean. I’m really happy for her that she cleaned up her act and that she’s sober now and that she has the strength to put herself in the spotlight as an example of how to be sober and a mother (my dear friend Emily did the same thing last month in People magazine, and I was insanely proud of her and her courage). I just hate that she has a damn book out right now. I hate when any celebrity decides to “speak out” about a “difficult topic” because they have something to promote. And also I guess it kind of rubs me the wrong way that she’s been clean for like 11 months and all of a sudden she’s the end-all-be-all of sobriety, never to drink or smoke meth again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Just shut up and get a few years clean, Jodie, then come back to the spotlight and tell us how you did it. We’ll still care.

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  • You’re totally right Beet…..Adam Goldstein is a sad, but very good example here. Addiction doesn’t just go away after a few months of being clean – there is no cure. It is a daily decision and struggle that addicts must deal with on an on-going, and sometimes, permanent basis. It will be sad to see all this promotion and hard work go up in flames when she relapses in a few months….as the majority of addicts do.

  • I’m a recovering addict (recoverING being the key word here since it’s a life long process) and I battled addiction for 12 years. I got sober many many times and I relapsed many many times, even after long periods of being clean. No addict can say they will forever be clean, because they will be setting themselves up for disaster. Yes, it’s nice to believe in yourself and feel that you are strong enough to stay clean till the day you die, but the minute you get too cocky you are getting on a slippery slope. I have been sober almost 4 years now and the day I got clean is the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I’d love to say that I will forever stay sober for her but I cannot make such a risky promise. All I know is that each day I will work my ass off to maintain my sobriety. I wish the best for little Stephanie Tanner, but she needs to stop with the “I will for sure never touch Meth again” shpeal.

  • Yuck meth is so disgusting! Why the hell would anyone be a piece of shit and smoke meth. Go to bed tweakers!

  • I cannot help but wonder if she was ever really addicted to meth, or if she is making all of this up for the spotlight. Just a thought…..

  • I’m happy for Jodie and I’m glad she’s sober. But I feel like this interview would’ve sounded a lot more heartfelt if it hadn’t been narrating a glamourous photoshoot.

  • boy, you’re sure supportive….”just shut up already” …what goes around will come around.