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Jodie Sweetin Should Probably Get More Than 11 Months Sober Before She Goes on TV to Talk About How She’s Really a Recovered Addict Now

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I’m just saying. Really, Jodie, I’m rootin’ for you here, but take a step back, stay out of the spotlight and get a few years of sobriety under your belt before you run around the talk show circuit telling everyone about how you were Relapse City for the past few years but this time you are sober forever for realsies and you can prove it because you’ll have a whole year sober in December. Just slow it down, hon. People will still want to read about Stephanie Tanner smoking meth in five years. By that time, you can probably co-release your drug-addiction book with Mary-Kate Olsen’s.

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  • Yeah, this would be like Kate Gosselin smearing her fatass on every television show that would have her and telling the world what a great parent she is now that she’s divorced. She’s a fame vampire and so is this bloodsucker!

  • wow. at first i thought this unnecessarily bitchy post was by wendie. i’m usually right. i was surprised it’s actually beet this time.

    • If you’ve known people who’ve been addicts for years, the way Jodi has, 11 months is not enough time to declare yourself recovered.
      So, I’d say this post was just as bitchy as it should be, not unnecessarily so.

  • The post may be a little bitchy but it’s basically right on. In this interview Sweetin seems very businesslike and matter-of-fact about her experiences. She’s distancing herself from them, like she just wants to make money on the book and then forget about the whole thing. I’m not saying she should be crying during the interview, but she doesn’t seem humbled by what she’s been through at all. She really needs to spend more time sober before she can claim she has anything useful to teach about recovery.

  • First off, I have to say that I think Matt Lauer is a complete douche nozzle, I really don’t like the way he interviews. He always seems to try to scold the person he’s talking to. Anyway, I don’t think she was out of line with this. She wrote a book to probably support herself & her kid. I would if I were in her shoes, and she actually has a story to tell, like her time at Full House and what happened to her after. The Gosselins could learn a lot from her actually, because most child stars end up worse off than Jodie. Also, she seemed very uncomfortable, and made faces when Matt was listing off the drugs she has used. I’m sure there is a little bit of shame she feels.

  • Matt Lauer is a total douche bag. I’m hoping Sweetin gets herself together. She should have asked how many women Lauer sleeps with other than his wife? Story goes he is a real ass clown…judge not least ye be judged….jerk wad.

  • I have to agree with slicklock…………she is so damn hot! I would love to lick her all over and under.

  • I hate to say it, but before long, she will probably be back to doing drugs again. I’ve never been in rehab, but my guess is that it take more then 11 months to get sober. Am I wrong?

  • Jodie, I don’t know if you read this comments but I still watch the Full House show with my daughter. You were the best actress all those years, amazing! No one can say that has not fallen into some type of sin but the Word of God says that whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. Jesus saved me and he is the only answer to every dilemma of men. He took care of it at the Cross dying for you and for me. He loves you so much!