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Suspect in Cindy Crawford Case Beat & Raped His Own Wife

Earlier this week, Beet reported on a creepy case in which Edis Kayalar, an acquaintance of Cindy Crawford’s ex-nanny, tried to sell TMZ and a few other celeb gossip outlets a picture of Crawford’s daughter gagged and tied to a chair that was taken during a game of cops and robbers. Well, the human cesspool that is Edis Kayalar goes even deeeper. In a March 2008 restraining order, Kayalar’s ex-wife claims that he beat her bloody and raped her several times during the course of their 3 month long marriage. The details make for some pretty disturbing reading, so continue at your own risk.

Freckmann claims her horror began a day before they wed on Nov. 15, 2007, when Kayalar confessed he was cheating.

“Talking escalated into a heated argument in which [Kayalar] kicked a hole into my wall,” Freckmann wrote.

Kayalar stormed out, but returned the next morning and the couple got married.

The next month, however, Freckmann said he got physical after she confronted him over photos “of the girl he had cheated on me with” on a trip to Germany.

“Our arguing became physical,” she said in court papers. Kayalar also taunted her and made mocking lists titled, “How to Please the Princess.”

“He has also raped me while I have been asleep and awake,” she claimed.

Freckmann said Kayalar, a native of Germany, told her, “The only reason he married her was for a green card.” She claimed he was so controlling he wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom alone.

On Feb. 12, 2008, Freckmann tried to kick Kayalar out. But she said he did not go quietly. “He pushed me up against the wall, slapped me and yelled at me,” she stated.

After a struggle, she said, she escaped and called cops. Kayalar left, but the next day “he broke into my home, stating I had stolen his fake identification,” she wrote.

“I wouldn’t speak to him so he punched, choked, restrained me, and then he continued to beat me and then rape me,” she claimed. “He said if he killed me no one would ever find out and he could just leave the country.”

Freckmann alleged she passed out after he choked her and raped her “with a foreign object.”

Prosecutors declined to press charges because of lack of evidence, a source said.

Yet another female acquaintance of Kaylar’s claims that he beat her up after she refused to have sex with him. In that case, the charges were dropped because the terrified woman didn’t show up for court after Kayalar threatened to kill her.

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  • good thing this prick has been caught. stuff like this only escalates and who knows who would have been dead eventually.

  • Hmm, a guy cheats on you and then totally loses his shit and shows that he’s a violent douche… what’s a rational gal to do? Oh, that’s right – MARRY him! And don’t delay – do it the very next day – a prize like him won’t stay on the market for long!