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This Is Probably Not a Good Year to Be Provoking Mike Tyson


I have to say, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the photog who got his ass punched and bloodied by Mike Tyson at LAX on Wednesday. Tyson was trying to find his misplaced luggage after a flight from London with his wife and 10-month-old daughter when the photog reportedly got in his face. Look, I get it, violence is never the answer, but you’ve gotta have some sort of death wish to be anything but uber-polite to Mike Tyson, especially when he’s with his family. The guy’s had a hell of a year, and I don’t blame him for taking a zero-tolerance policy with the paps.

We’re told Tyson was at a ticket counter at the United Airlines terminal when the incident occurred. The photographer got punched in the face, hit the ground, got up and began walking, leaving a trail of blood. An LAPD spokesperson said the photographer suffered a minor laceration to the forehead.

Someone at the scene tells TMZ … the photographer got very close to Tyson before the boxer struck him. Our says there’s blood on the ground and Mike was taken away in a squad car. We’re told an ambulance was dispatched at 4:39 PM to LAX and the paparazzo was transported to a local hospital.

Cops say Tyson and the photographer performed citizen’s arrests on each other — both are expected to be booked for misdemeanor battery. Cops also said witnesses backed both stories … so that could get interesting.

If Tyson is prosecuted, given that he’s a former boxing champ, the charge could end up being assault with a deadly weapon.

Okay, question: How do you actually perform a citizen’s arrest? Is that a real thing? Because one time this angry and probably undersexed lady on the street yelled at me for tossing a cigarette on the sidewalk, and she was all like, “That’s illegal, you know” and I was all like, “Then you should probably perform a citizen’s arrest, bitch” and afterward I was all like, “I wonder if she actually could have done that.”

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  • I would have to agree.

    The paps have lost their friggin minds with all the obvious harassment they do, in the faces of people already having bad days.

    I don’t care who you are in life, you deserve a little privacy.

    And I am so sorry but acting like a jackass in public to a man who can whip you ass without breaking a sweat. You are a IDIOT. I want to see what kind of sh*t the pap was saying to Tyson, before Tyson lost it.

    As much as violence is never the answer to a problem.

    I have to say being a loud mouth in someones face is just as bad.

    And if you get punched in the mouth for it. So be it.

    Being loud and hateful is just as equally offensive.

  • Now why would you litter … absolute laziness! I get irritated when I see cigarette butts all over the ground in an area where soon to be cancer patients smoke. Its bad enough my tax money is wasted looking after you people once you’re in the hospital but on top of that we have to pay extra to keep our city clean. Toronto is very beautiful and clean when there isnt a garbage strike. I wish smokers had to pay more taxes its incredible what a burden you are on the rest of society. The Ontario gov. wants to sue tobacco companies for $50 billion. I say just charge the smokers.

    • THANK YOU. Totally agree. I have no idea why smokers think it’s acceptable to flip their disgusting used butts all over the place, it must be because they figure they’ve already polluted the air so what’s a little littering. Every time I’ve taken my toddler to the park I have to scour the ground for cigarette butts as we play because so many losers toss their butts around, even on a little kid’s playground. But I guess if you’re gross enough to smoke then being called a litterbug probably isn’t going to register very high on your shame-o-meter anyway.

    • Both of my maternal garndparents died from ling cancer at a young age (43 and 62). My mom smokes even though she knows that’s probably how she’s going to die too. It’s disgusting but it’s addiction. I think the tobacco companies should have to pay for rehab, prescriptions, hypnotists, patches, gum, whatever it takes- for every single smoker who wants to quit. I give dagger eyes to anyone who makes me smell their nasty ass smoke when out in public. I verge on wishing death to them I hate it so much. I’m pregnant and have a 2 year old so I want the air clean. Please excuse me if I seem extreme, it’s just nasty, dirty and wrong. I used to respect you Beet…

      • I agree with everything you just said, aside from the fact that tobacco companies should have to pay for smoker’s rehab, etc. HELL NO! It was the person’s individual choice to buy a pack of cigarettes, light it up and inhale. That’s like saying car companies should be responsible for fixing dents in a car that’s been in a fender bender. No way! The tobacco companies don’t hide in dark alleys and put guns to people’s heads and force them to go buy cigarettes!!! They should NOT have to pay for other’s irresponsibilities and bad decisions. Tobacco advertising can’t FORCE you to smoke. It’s your own personal decision.

      • Yes it was their choice to start smoking but at what age do many smokers start? My mom was 14, (Right after her mother died) and most smokers I know started well before they were 18. They weren’t responsible adults who realized how addictive this little decision was. The problem is that it’s an addictive drug that has health ramifications not just for the smoker, but those the smoker is around. If you hit the big tobacco company where it hurts (the pocketbook), maybe they will make a pack of cigs 10 or 20 bucks a pack. How many ppl would quit smoking out of necessity? Manufactured tobacco products should be outlawed alltogether.

      • I know that sometimes smokers start young, but again, that’s not the tobacco manufacturer’s fault. It happens. Kids smoke because they’re curious and some of their friends smoke. I smoked in high school because it was the “cool” thing to do, but I stopped, realized it was effing stupid and unhealthy, and never got addicted. Maybe that’s just me. If you’re truly addicted to tobacco, no price tag will stop you. Only the recognization that you WANT to stop will allow you to quit. It’s not fair to tax a product that’s bad for someone, seeing as it’s their decision to use or not. Fast food isn’t taxed. Candy isn’t taxed. Soda isn’t taxed (yet). If the gov. really wanted to get all of its citizens in good health, they would outlaw tobacco completely. But they, and big tobacco, are in it for the money. They can tax it, make a profit off of it, so why would they stop selling it? Tobacco and alcohol taxes are just in place to allow the government to profit off of other people’s poor health. If anyone is in the wrong, it’s them. Tobacco may make it and profit off of it, but they definitely aren’t the only ones.

    • Ahh I know they tax the crap out of vices in Canada(my Mom is Canadian). Cigarettes and booze have been have been heavily taxed for years in Canada and taxes on ciggies in the US keep going up. I want the fat ass in the Hummer in the MickieDs drive-thru to pay for their disgusting habits as well. Obesity has passed smoking as the biggest preventable health problem.

    • hey vigilantes, put down your pitchforks and relax. I’m pretty sure Beet has quit smoking and likely worked really hard to do so, which pretty much makes you complainers full of annoying hot air. It’s too bad self righteousness seems to come along with universal health concerns. People are complicated and make complex decisions. Have a good time being in a super bad mood in the park Lee, I bet the smokers had fun.

      • Um…I was responding to Jess, not Beet. We obviously were discussing something other than Beet smoking, so I really don’t give a shit if you think that makes us “complainers full of annoying hot air.” Also, we weren’t being rude to one another. We were discussing different sides of an argument. Jeez. Lay off. You seem to be the one that’s in the terrible mood.

        And Jess, sorry, I kind of repeated what you said about outlawing tobacco products. My bad. But I think I had a different view on it than you did. I don’t know. :)

    • I think at $10 a pack where less than a quarter is the actual cost of the ciggarettes and the rest tax, smokers pay enough tax as it is without the need to pay more to cover their health care bills.

  • If Mike Tyson punched me, I would kick his ass. That’s right, I would get up bloodied, dust myself off, then go home and play Mike Tyson’s Punchout until I beat the crap out of his game character.

  • I believe anyone can perform a citizens arrest, which is basically the legal way of detaining a person, while the police are on the way.

  • Reading this, all I can think about is a movie Tyson was in a long time ago in which he said “If you don’t feel like constantly bein nice to somebody, you should kill em.” Which makes me laugh really hard. The End.

  • The idea of performing a citizen’s arrest on anyone who is mobile enough to get away, much less Mike Tyson, is laughable.

    “I arrest you, what’s your name? Uh, wait, stay here, stop walking, hey, get out of that cab what’s your address?…”

    This must have been pretty funny – “I arrest you”, “No, I arrest you!”, “But I said it first.”, “But I’m bigger than you…”

    The pap is lucky that he still has both of his ears. That’s what zoom lenses are for.

  • beet! you shouldnt leave butts on the street. birds and other animals use the filters for lining thier nests and are exposed to all those nasty chemicals!

    to the point of the story i agree. paps may be doing “thier job” but what happened to the noble art of hiding in the bushes with the telephoto lens? that was a skill to get a good shot. i dont agree with crowding/harassing a celebrity. especially someone like mike that the guy was probably harassing in hpoes he would go off, injure him and give him cause for a lawsuit.

  • I agree entirely, when will the paps have to taske responsibility for their jerky actions? fuck that dude, he lost his daughter not too long after remarrying on top of other shit he’s dealing with and this guys got popped for talking smack, so fuck it, I say he deserved the shit- like, all the papparazzi are are legal stalkers and harrassers who need to have themselves and their actions under scrutiny and not just never have to take responsibility for their actions, which are usually provoking celebrities to act not themselves, saying real out line comments and stuff to just get a good pic of them. SO BS, poor Mike. lol, I didn’t think I’d ever say that, but hey, celebs are ppl, too. =)