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Even More Life-Ruining Audio Tapes from Michael Lohan!


God, this motherfucker is so goddamn insane. I mean, really, he’ll go down in the annals of history as being one of the most freakishly insane media figures of all time. Adolf Hitler is hopping around on hot coals in hell all like, “This Lohan guy’s a real asshole, right?”

It’s been a great week for Radar, which has been systematically releasing these completely evil taped phone conversations that Michael gave them. They released one yesterday of Lindsay’s old assistant, Jenni Muro, telling Michael about how she’s staying up all night, “trying to save your daughter’s life.” Jenni talks about Lindsay’s addiction to Samantha Ronson, about the dysfunctionality of their relationship, about how Lindsay doesn’t care about work and is generally a total trainwreck.

Then they released another call from mom Dina today. Dina talks about how Lindsay was dating Heath Ledger when he died (ummm, really?) and admits that Lindsay has a problem with alcohol and drugs. (She blames Lindsay’s “DNA,” which I think is a shot at Michael’s own alcoholism.) She talks about how she’s grateful Lindsay doesn’t have a drivers license right now, and also talks a little about how obsessed she is with Samantha and how unhealthy their relationship is.

I have to say, I’m grateful to at least see that Dina realizes Lindsay has a problem. She spent so much time out in the media like, “My daughter’s fine, she’s not an alcoholic, she’s totally okay,” but I think now that was probably just a mother protecting her daughter the only way she knew how. It’s obvious this family is well aware that Lindsay has a drug and alcohol problem — they just don’t know what to do about it. And it all paints a picture of Lindsay as a very sad and scared young woman, which is no surprise. I hope she decides to get the help she needs before it’s too late.

Here’s some shots of Lindsay picking up food at Katsuya yesterday. I’ll take the skewered father over rice, please.

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  • Heath had been seeing Ashley I believe who told the masseuse who found Heath alive but not responsive to NOT call the EMT’s causing him to die. Lindsay may have been his friend but they were never seen out together, anytime someone you know dies it’s traumatic but I don’t think they were as close as Dina thinks.

    Still I can’t get over her own Father is systematically destroying what’s left of her career. It really boggles the mind he sold these tapes for money like picking the meat off his daughters carcass. It’s really been terrible to see, even if it is true, which since she’s not falling all over the place and seems lucid makes him look like an even bigger loser and parasite than he did before. She’s unemployable because of him and no producer would risk him releasing things like this before a movie opening. He’s ruined whatever chance she had to redeem her career.

  • You forgot the part where Dina, ugh, said something about Lindsay not being able to sleep alone because of what Michael did to her as a kid. Nice. Why isn’t this being talked about? Too creepy? The media would rather talk shit about this girl, she’s a slut/duggie/crazy mess. Her abusive ass dad gets better press than she does!!