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Preview: Lady Gaga ‘Bad Romance’ Video

I go back and forth between hating Lady Gaga and not being able to deny her catchy songs, but generally I think her over the top, dramatic costumes and stage shows are getting both played out and boring to watch. Being “different” can only be done so many times before it starts to be “the same”, right?

That’s how I feel about this clip from her new video “Bad Romance”. The costumes are over the top, the single sounds synthetic and poppy. Basically, it’s exactly what we’ve already seen all over again. Fans of Gaga might find that this is exactly the type of video they are hoping to get from their favorite artist, but for those of us out there who could still use some conversion, she’s not exactly selling anything new.

I don’t think we’ll see anything like this from her any time soon, but I would love it if Lady G took her (supposedly) great voice and did something mellow and simple with both her song and her video a la Sinead O’Connor and the “Nothing Compares to You” video. If she could still make a splash while cutting back on all the flair, that would be something to talk about.

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  • Actually she is doing something like that..she has said her favorite song on the upcoming album is a really low key one she wrote without a lot of the typical gaga over the top stuff. So watch for that!

  • maybe her goal isn’t actually to be different at any cost, or – shocker – to win YOU over. maybe she’s just doing what she likes.
    i don’t care too much either way, but it’s pretty annoying to listen to people suggest that someone do something different just to cater to their opinion, which isn’t any more valid than anyone else’s.
    (and btw her acoustic version of paparazzi is pretty cool.)

    • totally agree with you here mate, it’s kinda like me saying ”hey Gaga i’m not really a fan but i love death metal, maybe you can try something like that! Then i might like you!”

      I saw Lady Gaga live earlier this year and She sings everything live and puts on a killer performance.

  • you are SUCH a hater. the woman has undeniable talent and a nack for getting noticed. stop sipping your haterade and enjoy.

  • Please, just Google her acoustic performances of any of her songs – Poker Face, Paparazzi, even her Coldplay cover of Viva la Vida and you’ll get what you’re looking for. Besides, if you’d listened to any of her interviews, it becomes pretty apparent that she does the things she does because she feels like it, and because it’s her style aesthetic, not because she wants to be ‘different’. She *is* different, and that’s why I love her.

  • Everyone’s defending this dumb attention-whore?

    You’re all morons who love fads.

    Now I know the morons on this site. Great.

  • wtf WAS that shit???

    p.s. sorry that i cannot express my disgust any more eloquently, but honestly i don’t think her work deserves the effort.

    • haaa sounds the same as always.
      and for ppl saying listen to all her stuff live , its soo good !
      uhmm… she sounds like shiiit live, jus sayin.
      but her songs are catchy, good songs to dance too.

  • I actually love her acustic versions of songs. I think she has an amazing voice and stage presence.
    But either way, people will always critisize what is pop culture. Those are the same people who think the Beatles are real artists, even though they were the epitome of pop culture back when…and were critisized as having ‘over the top’ hair and concerts. Meh. Just fads.

  • Lady GaGa is under mind control programming. She’s figuring it out thou how her dad use to molest and sexually abuse her, as well as do rituals in which she had to drink blood and eat the flesh of dead babies in their egyptian condo in New York. She’ll figure it out and take control of her brain soon enough then she’ll kill every one around her. Lady GaGa turned serial killer. Now that’s hot!

  • Someone please make her go away. Before she became famous she was just another ugly girl trying to get on TV. Did anyone see her on MTV’s boiling points?

  • Did you catch her doing acoustic on SNL? She’s got a great voice and her crazy antics make her unique from everyone else..even if we get used to them.

  • Oh this is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, the one quality that I LOVE about Lady Gaga, is that I never know what to expect. Every video is different, and pushes the envelope even further.

    Also, before making the judgment that she should be more low key, I suggest you look into her inventory of the acoustic versions of her songs, accompanied solely by her classical piano technique.

    Not to mention the fact that she writes all of her music, sings, dances, and puts on a show. What more do you want from an artist?

  • i think gaga is a genius this wont get old for me whats old is made to be stars from tv shows like american idol wich dilutes the artistic value of the songs, videos and raw talent…..thanks gaga for doing what u do see you in san diego

  • Yes, the KKK hats really added something to the video… on top of her bandaged nipples and 90’s eauro-mix sound… I just don’t understand what’s to like about this chick… she can draw attention! Sure, if I went out in a hot pink leotard, fishnets and eyepatch, I think I’d be noticed too…

  • Actually, there are a few Gaga songs that showcase her voice. Clearly, you have not done your research. Try “Wonderful” for example. In regards to the video, I love it. I believe that Lady Gaga is artistically and musically gifted. She plays the piano and I believe another instrument and she is setting the bar for a side of fashion that many are too scared to pull of the couture runways in Paris or feel comfortable enough to develop the relationship with the fashion designers. For example, Benjamin Cho designed the polar bear dress and is based in NYC. The shoes in her video are the jaw dropping 12 inch heels of Alexander McQueen in his sp2010 runway show this season in Paris, as is some of her outfits. This video is every fashion, couture, and artistic moguls love. I believe she is putting Pop back in its place after it has been pretty cyclical for a while. While Britney and others are still good, I feel as though Gaga is surpassing. I will watch out for her to blow bigger in the future. I would actually go as far as to say she may be the Madonna of our generation. Just think about what people said about Madonna when she first hit the scene with her provocative lyrics and outrageous outfits. Madonna broke barriers in pop in hopes that the following artists could make their own statements, and be justified in them.