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Lindsay Lohan Begged Her Mother to Stay With Abusive Dad

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I’m just going to stop talking about the Lohan battle of the written word after today, because they have definitely entered Gosselin territory.  Michael Lohan released random, recorded phone call tapes to Radar Online and RO has deftly crafted a major “Exclusive Breaking News” type of story out of them.  Every.  Day.

If you’ve been smart enough to avoid all the updates, let me get you up to speed.  Michael wants Linds in rehab.  Linds doesn’t want to go.  Dina tried to get Linds to go.  Linds punched Dina in the face.  Michael thinks that cocaine God is punishing Linds, stripping her of her career, as retribution for all the lies she tells.  Lies that include Linds’ Twitter account of all the gory details of her parent’s marriage.  All of America doesn’t give a crapness about any of it and is actually craving a Gosselin brawl right about now.

In other words, the Lohans are fucking nuts.  Hollywood needs to capture this in a new reality show.  Like, they could lock all the Lohans in the Dr. Phil house for a long weekend — Gah!  Dr. Phil would love to get a piece of that action — and let them have at it (in front of cameras, of course) until a winner is declared.  And I think we all know who that winner would be:  Linds’ brother, Michael Lohan Jr. who is absolutely the sanest of that bunch.

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  • The best part of this article (and the only thing I remotely care about) is the Veruca quote of “crapness.” I love that girl :)

  • yawn….

    This is almost ridicules. If she truly wanted to fix her life, all she would have to do would be pull the plug and walk away from the internet for a while.

    Her gross addiction to the public spot light WILL be the end of her.

    Although, she would have to have a touch of mental toughness. I’m afraid that might be asking too much from the poor girl.

  • what? You are so way off on this post it makes you a fucking douche like perez. Hate hate hate. This girl was abused buy her father her whole life, well when he wasn’t in jail, and now he’s calling “her out” like most of you. Think about that ya dicks, what kind of father does this?

  • I don’t think any of them have ten living brain cells left to accurately remember what they ate yesterday, and if they did they would lie about it.