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Miley Cyrus Does What Her Boyfriend Says


Miley quit Twitter last night, giving up over one million followers, all because her new boyfriend told her to.  I can’t really believe this is news, but frighteningly enough, there’s 1.2 million devastated tweens out there right now.

Cyrus is reportedly dating her The Last Song costar, 19 year-old Liam Hemsworth.  Though their relationship may be new, he obviously already has control over her.  Her last Tweet read “FYI Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.”  Really, Miley?  You’re quitting Twitter because a guy told you to?  Quit because it’s lame, quit because it doesn’t improve your life in any way, quit because you can’t stand to read stupid, aimless ramblings from the likes of Tila Tequila and John Mayer.  Don’t give up things you enjoy for some random dude.

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  • Oh please wendie I doubt she is doing this because her boyfriend told her too. Giver her a few days and she will start a new twitter.

  • I’m sure she DID do it cause her bf told her too, but I also believe she will back as soon as they’re over and/or pisses her off/cheats/he gets one.

    • yeah but lets hope nothing bad happens in the meantime.. thats a bad sign of worse to come. shes britney 2.0 to a T. she’ll look better in a pink wig than brittney at least.

  • miley had 2.1 million followers so there are a lot more heartbroken tweens than we originally thought.

    she’ll be back. and her second twitter is faaaaaaake.

  • While I don’t think a guy should ever tell his girlfriend what to do at least he made her do something sensible. That twitter shit is the single dumbest internet fad that’s ever taken off. She’ll thank him for it someday. People are so fucking retarded.

  • I think she is setting a good example of quitting for her younger sister Noah who showed her bedroom and pjs a few days ago.. and not for her boyfriend.

    • very good point! Where was Billy Ray or my most popular question in these cases…”where was Mom?”

      I think its for publicity. She is to into herself. Can someone shut off Trace? He scares me bigtime.

  • Ahh. The young and the controlling. Every teen deserves the right to date a controlling guy. They make you feel crazy loved, but they are crazy.

  • ugh, all the people who have commented are really annoying and pretentious! saying stuff like “the internet is safe once again!” and “she was setting a bad example” doesn’t make you wise, or cool or better than anyone else, it just shows your age and unwillingness to adapt to change. to miley’s fans, her twitter was a way we could know a little more about her other than the interviews which are pretty much all the same thanks to the the interviewers whom are all also sadly past their expiry date. so you all need to get over yourselves and just let her fans be upset, it’s not a crime!

  • miley you shouln’t listen to what your boyfriemd says you should fight for what is right amd follow your heart

  • First Miley stopped twitter before dating Liam she stopped it when she was 16 she started dating Liam when she was 17 first fact. Second Miley is still a Virgin her father and mother raised a smart and faithful girl who trust in God!
    Third and last yes she would look great in any color wig but she is not turning into another Britney Spears she just hasn’t found her look yet but I don’t believe she’s going to be another Britney Spears. She’s also a young woman who is trying to be herself and not what the world wants her to be,
    Look at all the girls her age that dress the same way or worse you don’t talk about them just the people that are famous so leave her alone and let her be a normal girl.

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