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Two Minutes of Jon Gosselin’s Freshly Canned Responses

Nancy Grace is so awesome!  She had a little chit last night with Mr. Douchon Gosselin (as he continues his media tour of discussing how he’s going to focus on his kids and their welfare), in which she really just asked what all of America wants to know:  “Why is everything about you?”  Watch until the end.  The look on Jon’s face is priceless.

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  • Even though I am getting a little sick of the coverage – the look on Jon’s face was priceless!!! :)

  • had no feelings about nancy Grace before, now I LOVE her. I seriously think Jon Gosselin is hitting the pipe or something b/c everyday he just gets worse & worse. I still watch the show b/c I love the kids, but at this point it really just needs to go off the air. Yeah, Kate was such a biotch (typo stays), which makes it harder to believe that she is the better person (which really isn’t saying much) now.

  • sodom and gomorrah….we have truly reached the end of civilization as we know it (or thought we knew it). When scummy lawyers sit next to their scummy clients and allow them to go on TV to make their case to the public – up against Nancy “crazy eyes” Grace….I don’t even know how to react.

    and who is the other woman next to Lara (who should know better…really)…and why is SHE on TV….

    Ughhhhhhhh…..make them all go away.

  • LOL great stuff. Nancy gets a little carried away sometimes, but I really enjoyed her rubbing Jon’s nose in it!

  • Nancy has a brutal mouth on her and for the most part annoys me. She is a nasty piece of work.

    But I will let all that slide, in my bias negative opinion of her, since she completely unleashed her fury on him.

    I bet money he never ever watched her show on CNN. And had no idea that she was going to go off screaming at him. Like she does every night on her own CNN show.

  • By no means am I a Nancy Grace fan.. She is a bit nutty at times.
    But this interview, this verbal beat down was the best, THE BEST.
    JG makes me nauseous, his lawyer is a complete a–hole for allowing this interview to happen. The whole lot of them make me sick. i pity their kids. PITY.

  • I do like Nancy Grace. She asks the tough questions and she is not worried about being nice or politically correct. She is one tough cookie.

    LOVED the interview with Gas-elin. She totally hooked him at the end! Sock it to him, Mama Grace.

  • What a truly beautiful moment….every person he encounters from this point on should just shame him back into a reasonable line of thinking.

  • Knock out for Nancy Grace!!! I would love to see her go after Michael Lohan. He is another absentee father who could use a good bitch slap from Nancy!

  • why does it even matter the reason he’s calling off the show, isn’t the cancellation of jon and kate what everyone wanted in the first place? People are forgetting the big picture…

  • i LOVEEEEEE nancy friggen grace. never miss an episode of her show. shes a BULLDOG of a lawyer and fights vehimetly for what she believes in. her goal in life is to help children and thats what she does. she put jon way in his place like everyone should have been doing all along. i bet kate was rolling on her living room floor when she saw this.

  • HAHAHAHAHAH yessss! That was so good! Not a Nancy Grace fan either, but man she just twisted the knife and I totally loved it!

    Also, why were Niecy Nash and Chris from Overhaulin’ there? Random.

  • Now I would literally pay to see her go head to head with Mrs. Poor Me Kate. That would be just incredible. No other interviewers seems to have the gall to call her and him out on their bullshit, and I know she would.

  • lmao i have to say, that i agree with most of the people in here.. That Nancy Grace is crazy, never let anybody else talk, it’s pretty much her way or the highway, and she’s not always right either.. Though she thinks she is..

    BUT, i absolutely loved the way she talked to Jon.. lmao it’s hillarious to see his face when she asks the question, and the fact that he was speechless hahahaha.. Kate must have been laghing so hard watching this…

    Good for you Nancy Grace! and fuck you Jon!

  • Wendie I think we should invite Nancy Grace on our road trip!! I am going to let her sit shot gun! FYI>>>>Everybody wear pointy shoes this will be serious ass kicking!!!

  • You gotta know if you talk to Nancy Grace she is gonna kick the crap out of you. She kicks the crap out of everybody. The first time I saw her she was a prosecutor in a trial on Court TV. She had this big hairdo and she was oh so Southern and I thought she was an idiot. By the end of the trial I thought she was a genius. In the ten years she was a prosecutor, she never lost a felony case.
    Jon didn’t stand a chance against her. I would give anything to have Nancy interview Kate.

  • sometimes her ‘country-pickin-ass’ gets on my nerves….but i gotta give it to n.g., she’s get’s my hero-of-the-day award:



  • we need to see round 2 of this episode where niecy nash unloads on jon’s sorry ass with her country pickin’ self (clean house style):

    “what’s goin’ on with all this MAYHEM, MESS & FOOLISHNESS, now?!”


  • quite frankly, Nancy Grace in ANNOYING!
    and yes, so is Jon.

    For freaking sakes..I cant stand when someone talks over someone when they asked a question and then screams stuff at them.

    This actually made me dislike NGrace more. I find her rude.

    Jon is a strange man himself.

  • I use to HATE Nancy Grace, but now I LOVE her.

    He is such an idiot for even agreeing to go on her show – he or his dumb lawyer had to know Jon would get his ass handed to him by her!!

  • i cant stand nancy but she’s the first i would pick to put in front of that nosebleed jon gosselin.

  • Ugh – I hate Nancy Grace – what a nasty bitch. I’m so sick of all the females ganging up on Jon. If I was a guy and married to the She-Bitch named Kate, I would act out a bit upon divorcing her too. He’s been treated like a friggin child by her for so long, it’s like letting the Amish kids out for Rumspringa – he’s smoking, drinking, partying, etc. Give him a little time to be young (he had to grow up fast) and get the crazy out of his system. I don’t think I’ve seen any proof of him being a bad father when he’s spending time with his children. However, we’ve all seen Kate mistreat her children on camera many times.

    • Agree entirely. Although my main reason for the post and for watching this video is just to rekindle the hate I feel for the godzilla like mouth that is Nancy Grace.

  • HAHAH That was amazing.
    Jon: “I would love to work it out with Kate–”
    NGrace: “You can’t just go out with one 22-year old after another and say you want to work it out. That’s not working it out!”

    Seriously, no matter who’s right or wrong, you have to admit Jon made a huge mistake steering all the conversation to himself. He really should have tried to play a sympathy factor and focused on the kids.

    Nancy Grace : 1 Jon Gosselin: 0