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John Gosselin Secretly Empties Joint Bank Account

Hours after going on Larry King– where he said he’s “giving up the money,” where his lawyer accused Kate’s lawyer of only caring about money and not her kids, where he claimed that he wanted to be friends with Kate– Jon Gosselin secretly withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars from an account he jointly held with Kate. He left only about $1,000 in an account Kate routinely uses to pay the family bills.

When Kate discovered what happened she engaged a high-powered lawyer who immediately sent Jon a letter, demanding he return the money to the bank account. And has learned that another lawyer for Kate will go to court in Pennsylvania on Monday to file papers demanding the money be returned.

Multiple sources tell that Jon’s actions were in violation of the Gosselin divorce arbitrator’s guidelines.

Another bank account, set up for the Gosselin children, was untouched.

It must be expensive to be such a douche bag.

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  • How is that even possible? The bank should be fined for that. When I was getting divorced, we needed to both sign for withdrawls. The bank can’t even claim they didn’t know about the divorce. And shame on everyone for keeping both names on this account once divorce proceedings began.

    What a douche!

    • That shouldn’t have been able to happen if it was set up as a joint account, at least from my experience, as soon as divorce proceedings start anything “joint” is generally frozen so this doesn’t happen.

      I guess the only thing to take away from this is that joint accounts can be very bad.

    • i work at a bank and if there are two or more names on the account one of the named account holders can withdraw or even close an account without the others consent.

      • Shit, I’d love to make a deposit in your bank, baby, and I promise no early withdrawls either! Hot. Hot. Hot.

  • my dad did the same to my mom’s savings when they were divorcing. my mom got screwed (i don’t remember the logistics); my jerk dad kept the money he never had a part in earning.
    this man IS gross.

  • Just when I thought Jon had reached his peak of douchey-ness he goes and pulls this stunt. That’s just wrong. That’s not even his or Kate’s money – it belongs to the kids! They wouldn’t have had their show without the kids, so therefore it’s THEIR money. I can’t wait till they’re old enough to tell off those lame excuses for parents they have.

  • Now, now, people. I’m sure he did it for the children. It’s not healthy for kids to grow up spoiled. They will learn so much from living in tents after Kate can’t pay the mortgage. It’s for the best.

  • I cannot believe that he was able to access the account so easily. Their lawyers must have taken care of this long ago. I’m not buying this one.

    • I love how the word douche is used so freely when anything Jon comes up. The word is so…fitting. In fact. I can think of no other better term to use then ‘piece of shit’.

      Wo I believe that this happened? Who knows! BUT I wouldn’t put it past the little fucktard.

  • What a jerk. It should’ve been a red flag long ago when he was doing some 20-something year old while still being involved with a wife and kids. I knew he was a slimeball, this is just more proof of it.

  • i don’t buy it….why would you proceed to have a divorce with someone and not take care of your bank account? Kate is way too much of a shrew to let that happen. i call bs…i agree jon is a douche or whatever but if he is the only way to stop the show than i hope he goes through with it. TLC is evil

  • Why is Jon the douche? Why leave the $$$ in the account? So Kate can blow it on more highlights and tanning? Bullshit!!! She is just as big a douche as he is! I love it that he is fighting back! I want him to kick her in the balls and then grab his own balls back from the cookie jar. Yeah Jon !!! Take it to the gutter!!!

    • when’s the last time you saw a picture of HIM with the kids? She may not be bright, but at least she’s trying to be a good mother. can’t say the same for him.
      and that’s why he’s the retarded douche.

      • just because you don’t see pics out of him being with his kids doesn’t automatically mean he doesn’t take care of them. and please tell me how forcing your kids to be on a tv show is being a good mother? have you even seen the show?

    • She uses that money for family bills, she provides documentation on what she pays per their agreement. I am sure she has her own bank account to take care of her person necessities. As she said, this was the account that was set up to pay the family bills and she had always done that. I had heard a suggestion that the account should have Jon and Kate so that both of them would have to sign the checks, but she already said that she had a tough time getting in touch with him for anything, so I am sure getting him to sign the checks would have been a nightmare too.

      Plus this idea that the show should be stopped. It’s funny how he didn’t want it stoppped until TLC was going to take him out of the show. Kate is doing the best she can. I do believe that TLC should not focus on the drama and just keep it as a reality show and not show the times when Kate feels sorry for herself. She is definitely trying to make the best of the situation, and she does need to make money. There are aother reality shows with sextuplets, etc. I don’t hear everyone tearing them up. Plus this issue with having the kids on camera, there are plenty of show parents out there that have made alot of money off their kids “acting” career. At least Kate isn’t putting her kids in shows tha don’t put their child on the set with a man womanizing women constantly that happens to be one of the best sitcoms on the air. .

  • They are both horrible people. Jon is just stupid enough to be public with his selfishness while Kate just sits there and makes him look bad. She is a genius and he is just plain stupid.

  • Right. So please, please can we all stop letting Kate play the “I HAVE to continue to do the show to make money to support alllllll theeeessee kiddsss!” card?

    Because if that’s just their joint CHECKING account, and it has HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars in it..and they have a separate account for the children (that probably has the same amount, if not more) then I’ll guarantee you they also have exponentially more money in savings, stocks, and assets. They would most definitely have a money manager.. and if they were able to keep that kind of money just in a checking account, the woman is loaded.

    Therefore she could afford to stop this fuckery and live very comfortably for a long time. I know most thinking people know this already, I’m just saying she needs to stop playing that card. You do not HAVE to continue to do this show to support yourself. You like the attention and you’re greedy; and you care more about what you want than your kids’ emotional wellbeing. End of story.

      • college is a privilege, not a right. and if putting your kids out in the public eye as well as being so public about your divorce doesn’t screw those kids up, well more power to them. (the kids i mean)

      • She reported that the money in the checking account was their “liquid” money. I am pretty sure they are smart enough to have trust funds for the kids. I haven’t truly decided that the show showld stop. I still watch the show, but when I watch the previous seasons, it doesn’t have the same flavor that they do now. I am glad that we don’t have to watch Kate continue to bash Jon, which I believe TLC, should have ommitted that or told Kate that she truly think of what the public was seeing, and what her kids would see when watching the episodes as they got older. But I do agree that even though Jon tries to make an effort to be a dad, he doesn’t need to put his kids down either and say that Kate has made the boys wimps, etc. In the last few shows, I have heard him make comments like that which was in my mind even worse than how Kate treated him in the early episodes. Jon needs to grow up and at least wear shirts that the show doesn’t have to blur out. The kids are still seeing those shirts and realizing the lifestyle that he is living now. What happened to the Christian values that were so prominent in the early episodes? I think they all need therapy asap.

  • Are both of these people certifiably nuts? There doesn’t seem to be an ounce of common sense, good will or genuine concern for their children’s wellbeing beyond the material to share between them.

    All that’s left of Kate’s foolish decision to have IUF and Jon’s acquiescence seems to be eight good kids who are getting a strange, and probably at this point, unhappy childhood and two miserably self-centered parents.

  • I don’t like either one of them, but man, this guy is not earning anyone’s sympathy. Trying to get the show shut down and then raping the bank account? He is just coming across as a bitter asshole.

    • I used to feel sorry for him, but he is proving to be the real dick here.
      Not that I like her any better, but halting the show was not very smart on his behalf because if she isn’t making money, he will have to pay child support, and can you just imagine that hefty bill? He is just pissed that he has been written out of the show and lost his own cash cow. or shall I say calves.

  • Can we please stop rewarding bad behavior? please? If I never see his face or her haircut again – it will be too soon.

  • K8: What Happened to ‘taking the high road’ and ‘dealing with this privately’?

    Same song, second verse, a little bit louder and a little bit worse.

  • Oh come on! Closing the joint checking account is like, Splitting Up 101 shit. Everybody knows that’s the first thing you do, so things like this can’t happen. I’ve done it with every relationship, and there were only a few thousand bucks at stake… what was Kate thinking, that he would be nice about it? What would make her think that?

  • We will never know more than what TLC wants us to know about what is going on behind the scenes. Who knows what Kate considers household bills. Divorce should be between 2 people and not the world. Put attorneys in the middle where there is money and all will look bad. The attorneys will end up with all the money.

  • The shyster lawyer is a publicity whore who volunteered to defend a copkiller in the Bronx. He has no interest in his client except getting his name in the paper.

  • I think all of you just need to grow up listen to your sellfs how childesh do all of you sound with the name calling….Who cares what john and kate does if kate wants to spend a thousand dollars on high lites then big deal if john wants to wear crazy shirts then who cares its there life its there money…How would you like it if people were talking shit about all of you cause i will tell you rigth now there are millions and millions of people out there right now that are not on tv that are the same way as john and kate the only reason that any of you care is because there on tv..Kate is a good mother how many of you have eight kids ? how many of you have kids and are still married? most marriages end up divorce……………… with that being said grow up and stop acting like children.

    • I agree with what was just said who cares what they do or who they sleep with or how they spend there money….The kids do not go with out and they seem to be very happy children who love to be center of the world.THey enjoy the cameras they enjoy being on tv.going on vacations.having the thiings they want or need if it was not for the show the kids would not have every they have or do everything that thery have done So if kate wants to keep doing the show then i support her 100%.

  • maybe if Kate wasn’t such a bitch no of this would be happening if she didn’t have to always put him down maybe the kids would actually see their parents.

    And Kate is the one exploiting them cause she had all the plastic surgery done and is always on vacation with money the kids made.

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