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“People in the White House…actually object[ed] to giving the author J.K. Rowling a presidential medal because the Harry Potter books encouraged witchcraft.”

Former George W. Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer in his new book titled, Speech-less:  Tales of a White House Survivor in which he explains that GWB refused to award a presidential medal to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling because her books were clearly promoting evil.

As an aside:  I was looking for a pic of our former Prez and my son said, “Now, Mommy, George W. Bush is like, locked away in his house somewhere far away, right?”  Even he fears this dude.

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  • Haha, your son ROCKS, Wendie ;)

    And whyyyy, o why, can’t even the smallminded GWB understand the principle of FICTION?

  • Yeah it is real creative for a kid of mimic what they have probably heard their own parents say. I’m sure you think your son is great and all that but honestly not many other people give a crap what he said.

  • Wow, so we’re still doing President Bush jokes? Just when I thought that a dead horse had been beaten 10 months too long…SHAZAM!–comedic genius.

    First of all, the actual quote said “people in the White House” not George W. Bush specifically, first of all.

    Second, this is old news. This came out a week ago.

    • Thank you, it is old news. And Bush jokes are tedious, Obama is president now. Maybe you can mock President HopeChange BTW, the word “dude” is so 1989 “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” I’m beginning to miss the old days when Beet wrote all of the posts herself.

    • Right… Because conservatives totally stopped making Clinton jokes the day he left office…

      We’re still dealing with Bush’s super awesome legacy. It’s either laugh at his dumb ass or get so pissed that we form a lynch mob. I think he’d prefer the laughing.

  • this might be “old news” (OH THE HORROR!!!) but i for one hadn’t heard it before. i think you’re funny, wendie. keep it up.

  • why the hell should j.k rowling get the presidential medal anyways? for making a lot of money on mediocre books? oh and good job on encouraging free thought in your children. i’m sure they will grow up to be very open minded people.

    • WOAAAH. You so did NOT just call Harry Potter mediocre. Not ok. I bet you’ve never even read the books, and probably couldn’t even author a picture book with 10 pages. Jealous much?

    • Don’t give a hoot about Bush, but the Harry Potter books ARE mediocre – which is a step up from most fiction which is actually bad. I really like the series, but it is hardly fine literature. They are practically film scripts in novel form.

    • The award wouldn’t have been for her great writing. She managed to get a whole generation of kids to put down their friggin’ Gameboys and pick up a damned book. And then they picked up more books.
      That deserves recognition.

  • Ha, ha – yeah! And what about that time when Bush said something about visiting all 57 states in the U.S. …. oh wait, that wasn’t him…

  • Oh who cares. He’s not president anymore for one, and I don’t give a crap about J.K Rowling. She’s made plenty of money. Who cares if she gets a medal? You know who should get medals? Our troops who risk thier lives.

    What is it with this site lately? This, then the Manson Follower thing last week. Really getting wierd here.

  • George W. Bush was and will always be a joke (a very BAD joke when you consider how many people died in his futile quest for historical importance.)

  • Yeah, bitch, your son is a fuckin’ genius. I’m sure he came with it all by himself and never been brainwashed or heard poor jokes about Bush straight from your shitty mouth.
    You’re an ass. And what’s worse, you’re totally BORING.